IT-Free Microsoft Dynamics GP, Why the Cloud May Be Right for You

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There is a lot of buzz around Cloud computing solutions. If you are looking to migrate to Microsoft Dynamics® GP or upgrade your current version, does it make sense for you to consider an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution in the Cloud? Here are some of the advantages to hosting your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution in a Cloud environment.

With Cloud ERP software, it is a hosted deployment with a subscription license model. The application resides on remote servers, rather than onsite servers, and is delivered to end users over a secure internet. With a Cloud model, the customer enjoys predictable, regular monthly pricing, thus eliminating upfront costs associated with on-premise deployment.

Here are some other reasons why Microsoft Dynamics GP in the Cloud may be right for you:

  • No need to buy a server:  Because the software is hosted on remote servers, the entire infrastructure needed to run Microsoft Dynamics GP is taken care of for you.
  • Keep your workstation:  The minimum requirements to run Microsoft Dynamics GP in a hosted environment are much lower than on-premise, which minimizes costly upgrades.
  • Fewer IT resources:  Microsoft Dynamics GP can be IT free.  No need to worry your IT department to keep a server running, updated and backed-up.  Get a new computer? No problem.  You can easily access your hosted Microsoft Dynamics GP system in a few minutes with support from your Cloud provider.
  • Expense vs. Capital:  When using an on-premise solution, acquiring capital for much needed hardware upgrades and software updates can be difficult.  However, the Cloud deployment model offers regular monthly pricing that is predictable and easily budgeted year-to-year.
  • You own the data:  A common misconception is that the data in the Cloud is not yours. Regardless of the deployment method you choose for Microsoft Dynamics GP, your data remains yours.  In addition, a Cloud implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP can easily be moved from the Cloud to on-premise and vice versa.  A backup of the data can be automatically replicated to a premise location if necessary.
  • Work anywhere:  With Microsoft Dynamics GP in the Cloud, access is available at anytime and anywhere you need it to be.  Work, home, at a client, hotel or while stuck at home in the snow.

When comparing Cloud ERP versus on-premise deployments, over time Cloud implementations are often less expensive when you factor in IT costs such as staff, infrastructure upgrades and maintenance. However, the best way to decide which Microsoft Dynamics GP deployment option is best for your company is to work with an experienced partner.  Visit this site for a custom price quote and a Free 30-Day Trial of Microsoft Dynamics GP in the Cloud.  For more questions regarding Microsoft Dynamics GP in the Cloud, please contact The Resource Group at 877-287-4760.

by The Resource Group, Washington Microsoft Dynamics Partner

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