A Better Test System for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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If a Dynamics GP user wants to test new processes, it’s always recommended to set up a test company.  However, setting up test companies can be time consuming. 

To set up a test company in GP, a user must consider things like:

  • how to set up the SQL server log in rights correctly
  • how to correct for intercompany records
  • how to adjust security accordingly
  • how to avoid excessive logging file growth
  • how to correct the next note time number, etc…. 

The list seems to go on forever!

Click here to read more about a tool developed and used by the Dynamics Consulting Team at Avastone Technologies to assist in creating a better test system!

By, Shane LaBarge, Dynamics GP Consultant, Avastone Technologies LLC, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner – Fox Cities and Milwaukee WI, (920) 687-4797, dynamicsinfo@avastonetech.com

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