Microsoft Dynamics AX Activity Reaffirms Positive News on the Economy

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Last month, when I read an article reporting on the results from the winter 2012 RSM Manufacturing and Distribution Monitor, I shouldn’t have been surprised at all of the positive news that the article included.  The article speaks about the positive growth and optimism that mid-market manufacturing companies’ executives have towards the results coming the remainder of the year.  This is welcome news to anyone working in or with manufacturing and was a pleasant surprise to many.

The reason I say I should not be surprised is that we have noticed that companies in this market are behaving as if the future is a lot brighter.  We are seeing companies embrace ERP related projects that would be easy to put off for another year or to eliminate from plans altogether.  Modules and higher technology functionality that had been shifted to the “phase 2” graveyard, are now in demand in the original scope of the projects we are completing.

I think this can be attributed to two reasons.  One is that organizations are finally, once again, finding a little extra money in their budgets to invest in the future.  It seems that people are realizing that when the economy is firing on all cylinders again, the companies in the best position to take advantage of the surge will be those who already have their IT infrastructure and MIS systems in place to support the growth.  Given the positive outlook it is easy to recognize this as a great time to invest in IT projects.  After all, when things get “really busy”, the opposite problem occurs:  you have extra budget money, but no extra time.

This is a good time for mid-market manufacturing companies.  Technologies that only the top tier of organizations could previously afford to implement have now become easier and cheaper to implement.  A mid-market organization no longer has to settle for just implementing the basics of ERP.  The really exciting things such as RFID technology, document storage, workflow, electronic signatures, customer or vendor portals, and bar-coding are all now within reach of the mid-market.  Now that the economy has caught up and is complimenting the strides made in technology advancement, it is a great time to be implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX!

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By: John Hannan, RSM – Microsoft Dynamics AX for Manufacturing Partner

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