It’s Easy Being Lean, with Microsoft Dynamics® ERP

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Introducing lean manufacturing practices into your business operations could give you the competitive edge to shine amongst the many fish in the sea.  The transparency that the right business management software can provide will help you identify and eliminate waste, as well as optimize profitability.

If we’ve learned anything from this challenging economy, it’s that we have to search for ways to be more efficient, reduce waste, and also optimize the most value-added operations.  This can be particularly challenging for manufacturers because of the often long supply chain, varied inventory, and complicated production schedules.  Using the proper enterprise resource management (ERP) software can turn this volume of information into actionable insight that will help you operate lean and find new productivity and profitability throughout your business.

Microsoft Dynamics® ERP is one of the most comprehensive software solutions available to businesses of all sizes.  This robust software will organize finances, project and service management, supply chain, inventory, and other business operations into a single platform.  Integrating these aspects of your business will highlight areas that provide the most value, as well as expose processes that can be improved.  Defining your supply chain, for example, will help you identify the key suppliers that provide the most affordable and highest-quality raw materials you need for production.  Knowing when you will receive raw materials will help schedule production lines more efficiently and get your products to customers faster.  Managing inventory with Microsoft Dynamics ERP will ensure that you always have the inventory you need, when you need it, without having to maintain large warehouses of stagnant inventory.  Controlling inventory levels will optimize cash flow and reduce the waste from discarding products with a short shelf-life.

Using Microsoft Dynamics ERP to discover ways to improve lean manufacturing processes will improve productivity throughout the entire life cycle of your products.  This software makes it easy to monitor and regularly analyze operations so that you are continuously improving and striving for the most value-added operations.   As a result, you’ll enjoy a reduction in operational costs and improved profit margins, as well as being able to provide unsurpassed customer service.

Using powerful ERP software like Microsoft Dynamics ERP will make it easy to institute the lean manufacturing practices that can put you leagues ahead of your competitors.  Contact Socius for more information about lean manufacturing and your Microsoft Dynamics ERP options.

By Socius, Ohio Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner

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