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Microsoft Dynamics GP announced that the Professional Services Tools Library or PSTL is now available at no charge to Dynamics GP customers.   This is a great value and a great set of tools that used to have a price tag of $5,000 for the entire suite or around $700 for each individual tool. 

The Microsoft Dynamics Professional Services Tools Library can help you consolidate and change your critical data quickly and accurately. This suite of tools provides greater flexibility with your solution to ensure data integrity, increased productivity, and better efficiency.

Why add tools from the Professional Services Tools Library to your system? This suite of tools helps Microsoft Dynamics GPcustomers consolidate and change critical data throughout their entire system, without rekeying data in multiple places. Each tool provides an efficient, productive solution specific to your needs. 

A good example in the finance series is the Account Modifier/Combiner.  Change an old account number to a new account number, or combine like accounts into a single account without manually keying in the data.

The Customer Combiner in the sales series has always been popular with our clients.  Combine a customer number into another customer number without losing any work, open or history records. The old customer number is removed from the system after the completion of the tool and the summary records are recalculated to include both customers’ summary information.

Each of the tools is listed in the  PSTL brochure by series, which includes:


    1. Finance Series Tools – five tools
    2. Purchase Series Tools  -twelve
    3. Sales Series Tools - ten
    4. Payroll Series Tools  - two
    5. Inventory Tools - six
    6. System Tools – six


Ask your partner about the other tools available on PartnerSource too.  There are downloads for Auto Posting, drop shipping and several others related to the distribution process. 

In order to utilize PSTL for Microsoft Dynamics GP if you already have GP installed you will need to download the most current version and install.  Contact your GP partner for more information.  I would not complete this installation without partner assistance.  If you have ISV or Independent Software Vendor add-on products it is possible that some of the tools won’t work.  Always install new products on a test system and then test especially in a complex environment.  You don’t want to lose any data or staff productivity just to take a short-cut…

New customer installs do not require a registration key as it is now included upon installation of Dynamics GP. 

If you care to comment on the information above or have any questions please feel free to contact me at 817-640-0016 x 109 or by emailing me at 

Custom Information Services (CIS) is a Dynamics GP reseller in North Texas.

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