My Three, No My FOUR, Favorite New Features in Management Reporter 2012

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Did you know that the latest version of Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics ERP is set to make its debut in the very near future?  If you’re not familiar with its capabilities, Management Reporter is a powerful financial report solution, available for all Microsoft Dynamics ERP products, including Dynamics GP and Dynamics SL that helps you achieve greater visibility across your organization.

As more details come to light about what will be included in this latest release, I tried to narrow the list of new features included in Management Reporter 2012 down to my favorite three.  But, once I had the list down to four I felt that each of those deserved to be mentioned.  So, what follows is a list of my FOUR favorite new features.  Keep in mind that this is my personal list from the viewpoint of someone who has used both FRx and Management Reporter 2010 extensively.  Your list could be entirely different since there are so many great new features to explore in Management Reporter 2012.

  1. Reporting of missing accounts.  Yay!  This was a feature missing in the exception reporting of Management Reporter 2010 and is always very handy when setting up a new report.  You can now get a report detailing all accounts that fall within the account ranges in your report, but are not actually included in the report itself.
  2. Report Groups now accessible from Navigation Pane.  In the previous version, Report Groups were hard to find and many people did not even realize that they existed.  I think this move will increase the use of this very important and helpful feature and hopefully pave the way for the inclusion of even more group-specific capabilities in future versions.
  3. Ability to drill back into GP Dynamics from Management Reporter account balances.  Just like the reporting of missing accounts, this feature was sorely overlooked in Management Reporter 2010.  Now users can drill back from reports into their ERP system to see the transactions that make up the report balances.
  4. My favorite new feature:  The ability to schedule reports to generate on a regular basis.  This feature helps to make the life of the accountant a little less robotic.  Finally, instead of logging in each day, week, month, etc., you can schedule your reports to generate automatically and then publish them to various locations.  But now I’m on the verge of discussing another new feature and I promised to keep this list to four items, so leave it at that.

Are you ready to discover Management Reporter 2012 and what it can do for your organization?  If you are currently running Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, you can upgrade to the new Management Reporter 2012; it doesn’t matter whether you are currently using FRx or Management Reporter 2010.  At Intelligent Technologies, we have extensive experience with Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains.  Contact us for more information on this or assistance with any other of your Microsoft Dynamics GP needs!  

Beth Hodge, Microsoft Business Management Solutions Professional, Intelligent Technologies, Inc.

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