Is Sales Tax Automation With Microsoft Dynamics The Way To Go?

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A customer recently asked the following questions:

Can I automate my entire sales tax process using Microsoft Dynamics and still be able to have my tax department review all liabilities and ensure compliance?

The answer is YES. Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP and NAV integrate seamlessly with Avalara's AvaTax services to provide accurate sales tax rates and calculations for all transactions processed, a robust method of managing sales tax exempt customers and sales tax-free transaction documentation, and a smooth flow-through to reporting, filing, and remitting your sales tax liabilities to the jurisdictions.

Once AvaTax Returns receives data from AvaTax Calc, a liability worksheet is produced and sent to the reviewing tax department in your company.

How is the remittance handled? Do I still write out a check or process the electronic payments with each jurisdiction?

AvaTax Returns handles all of the steps. Data flows from AvaTax Calc and Microsoft Dynamics into AvaTax Returns. Based on your filing calendars, AvaTax Returns uses that information to fill out all the proper forms and presents your tax department with a sales tax liability worksheet for review.

Once approved, AvaTax Returns uses the liability worksheet to select the correct forms and fills them out. You have control with easier management of your Treasury through a single deposit to a secured account, while AvaTax Returns takes care of the individual returns. Whether e-returns or hard copy, AvaTax processes the form and the payment, keeping track of the schedule and deadline dates. You maintain full sales tax compliance and process visibility.

How does this save me money?

Automating your sales tax compliance process from calculation to remittance ensures a consistent, repeatable process that is auditable. Microsoft Dynamics and AvaTax work together so that an auditor can easily find all transaction and sales tax information relevant to the audit, making the audit take less time and reducing stress as well as cost of tending to an audit.

You reduce the amount of time to zero that your tax professionals must spend researching and looking up rates to keep you up-to-date. In many cases, the savings is the equivalent to one full-time employee.  In addition, you are able to free your existing staff from mundane paper processing tasks to perform more creative, business-development tasks ensuring business growth, not business overhead.

One of the greatest benefits of using AvaTax is that it is Certified for Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP  and NAV. These Avatax integrations have been fully tested and certified by Microsoft. In addition to being certified, AvaTax uses a scalable, flexible service model. As your business grows, your usage grows, and AvaTax grows with you. Whether you are a small to medium-sized business or a large enterprise, Avalara’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) AvaTax is built to meet your needs.

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