Eleven Ways to Disaster Proof Dynamics GP Data

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I have been working with our network services department on a webinar for disaster proofing business data.  It was an easier task than most marketing campaigns because I am learning that many businesses do not even know if they have a good back up!  I have been tagging along on sales calls with our network sales manager and CTO or Chief Technology Officer and I can tell you I am amazed by what I am hearing from business owners on the state of their networks.  I am hearing horror stories about server crashes and how the companies thought they were getting a nightly back up only to find that the drives or tapes were empty… in many cases the staff is changing out the tapes or drives daily and they are not even getting a good backup. 

Not only are companies not getting good backups, they are running on limited drive space, out of warranty equipment and do not have spare parts or a good firewall in place.  Granted, this is why we are at the prospect's site to begin with; the owner or decision maker realizes that they need help with the network and we are there to provide them with a solution. 

If you are going to spend money on ERP software such as Microsoft Dynamics GP and install it on an old server with little protection from intrusions, without a good off site back-up and a disaster recovery plan, then perhaps you should re-think your strategy.  A good software reseller should review your network environment and make sure the server and workstations meet the minimum requirements.  If not, then look out – you may buy software and then find out you need an investment in hardware that perhaps you had not budgeted.   Alternatively, the new software runs slow… and everyone blames the software rather than the real culprit - the network!  My other day job is to sell Dynamics GP and I am learning more about the network side of our business at Custom Information Services (CIS).  I have always discussed the hardware needed to run our solution prior to closing a deal since this does impact the software budget for companies.  Cloud deployment is an option too, but that is another discussion. 

With this said, I am on a mission to make sure that business understands the risks and solutions to disaster proofing their data.  We had a webinar presentation today that addressed the Eleven Strategies to Reduce Business Downtime and Data Loss.   This link goes to the recorded webinar or you can also download the PowerPointIf you have any concerns about your network health, I strongly recommend that you watch this replay.  

If you care to comment on the information above or have any questions please feel free to contact me at 817-640-0016 x 109 or by emailing me at nphillippi@customis.com. 

Custom Information Services (CIS) is a Dynamics GP reseller in North Texas.

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