CFO’s Guide to ERP Software In the Cloud [Infographic]

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Where can you find the information you need to evaluate the benefits, risks and costs of cloud ERP software ? Not everyone likes to read white papers. Even really good ones. For example, our white paper “35 Questions Every CFO Must Ask About ERP Software In the Cloud” is full of great information; but it is 18 pages long. Some CFO’s don’t mind settling down with a good cup of coffee and a good read. They like to study the charts and reviews. But others are right-brained thinkers, visual image learners. For them an infographic is perfect. An infographic is a visual representation of complex ideas in a simple to understand graphic format. (An Infographic is also perfect for people short on time, which is practically every CFO, visual learner or not!).

So I recommend you take a look at this clever infographic, CFO’s Guide to ERP In the Cloud, that was recently released to help CFOs understand and explain the basics of ERP software in the cloud. The infographic explains common cloud terminology, benefits, costs and more in a way you have never seen before.

ERP in the Cloud: Infographic

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By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut & Massachusetts Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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