Why I Like Microsoft Dynamics GP Over MAS 90/200

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Recently I had the pleasure of sitting in on a webcast showing a side by side comparison of Microsoft Dynamics® GP and Sage MAS 90/200. I should let you know right off the bat that I am not an accounting professional or expert. My interest was simply from a marketing perspective. I was looking for something new and interesting about Microsoft Dynamics GP that I hadn’t seen before.

I was surprised to learn that Microsoft Dynamics GP and Sage MAS actually have a lot in common as far as functionality goes on daily processes, basically doing the same things. They look similar as far as a user interface is concerned and comparable in price as well.

If I were tasked with the duties of researching ERP software for my company I would definitely look at both solutions but I would consider Microsoft Dynamics GP further and here’s why:

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP runs like Microsoft Office, with report wizards and tools. Reports and documents are generated directly into Word and Excel and can also be modified in each of these programs while automatically updated in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Outlook integration also makes Microsoft Dynamics GP easier to work with.
  • Financial indicators are presented through easy-to-read graphs and charts right on your desktop through the web or on your workstation. It’s your choice how you access it and use it to increase productivity.
  • In Microsoft Dynamics GP, you have the ability to change transactions and correct mistaken entries with audit trails, ensuring you stay GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) compliant along the way.
  • Built in multi-currency options for payments from around the world make it easy to do business internationally without jumping through a bunch of hoops.
  • When entering orders you can specify instructions per line item such as drop shipping, mark downs, ship dates, warehouse location, and shipping method.
  • Payroll and Human Services are available within Microsoft Dynamics GP, so no additional add-ons or costs are associated.
  • Work flows in sales and purchase order processing streamline daily operations and makes meeting your customers' needs possible.
  • High Level Key Performance Indicators are at your fingertips and in real time.

Whew! I must say I was impressed with both solutions (even considering my lack of technical knowledge)! But in my opinion, Microsoft Dynamics GP is the clear winner.

By Brenda Martin of Sherwood Systems – Arizona Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner


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