WEBINAR / RESOURCES: How Cloud ERP Maximizes Business Value

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As Cloud ERP adoption continues to accelerate, companies who are considering it need to grasp two things: (1) why companies are moving to the Cloud (the benefits they derive) and (2) how they use it to maximize business value and miminize risk. If you're exploring Cloud ERP options, here are some resources to help you make these evaluations and determine, first, if Cloud ERP is right for you, and second, which system:

BENEFITS: Firms of all sizes and industries are moving to the Cloud to gain these benefits: reduced capital expenditures, predictable monthly fees, faster deployment, access to new features and functionality, and reduced cost of IT support or staff.

RESOURCES: Particularly for project-centric or distribution companies, Dynamics SL in the Cloud (hosted) is a robust, integrated solution with tremendous business value. Documents on our Microsoft Dynamics SL Project Accounting Software page include a Guide to Help You Choose Either a Hosted (Cloud) or On-premise Solution and demos of Dynamics SL that can be deployed in the Cloud or on-premise.

WEBINAR: Join the Webinar: Maximizing Business Value with Cloud ERP (Tuesday, February 28, 11 AM Pacific Time) and learn from guest speaker Liz Herbert, Forrester Research, Inc., Principal Analyst, on why companies are moving to Cloud ERP and how to maximize value while minimizing risks of a Cloud deployment. Topics include:

  • The state of Cloud computing: adoption statistics, drivers, and market landscape.
  • Calculating the ROI of Cloud computing and maximizing business benefits.
  • Mitigating risk factors of Cloud deployments.
  • Trading off the benefits of alternative Cloud application architectures.
  • Recommendations and next steps.

And featured speaker Ken Cucarola, CFO of Teachscape, will share his real-life experience moving to the Cloud including:

  • His process of adopting Cloud computing at Teachscape.
  • The ROI and benefits of moving to Cloud ERP.
  • The lessons he learned in the process and his advice to others who are thinking of moving to Cloud ERP.

If the live webinar is past, contact Synergy to gain access to a recording: info@synergybusiness.com. Finally, comment here or email us to let us know if these resources have been helpful and what other concerns you have. Thanks!

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