Simplify General Ledger Lookups in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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The Account Rollup Inquiry (Financial > Inquiry > Account Rollup) in Dynamics GP allows you to view summary information for defined sets of accounts, and then drill back from that summary to the detail.

Account Rollup Inquiry
Use the Modify button to define the Rollup Inquiry Window

By using the Modify button, you can define what accounts you want to pull into the summary view by entering Restrictions on the account segments, much like you do with enter Restrictions when printing reports... with one big difference. When entering Restrictions for an Account Rollup, you can enter multiple ranges for each segment! For example, you can enter a range for main account numbers 1100 through 1150, and another range of main account numbers 1180 through 1190.

You can specify up to four columns for the Account Rollup Inquiry, with columns containing Actuals, Budget, Prior Year, Calculated, or Other Currency information. From the Account Rollup Inquiry window, you can drill back to the detail, or you can print the report.
For more information on how to use Account Rollup Inquiry to simplify your general ledger data lookups, contact Avastone Technologies at (920) 687-4797 or
By, Sherry Berg CPA, Manager- Dynamics Consulting Division, Avastone Technologies LLC, Microsoft Gold Certified Dynamics GP Partner- Fox Cities and Milwaukee WI

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