Relief for Government Contractors and Project-centric Companies

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Do you struggle to track project profitability? Is the prospect or the practice of complying with federal or state government contracts a heavy burden? Complex project management and/or strict government compliance shouldn't bar you from effectively accounting for projects and making a profit. To effectively account for costs and revenues on projects and/or contracts, it's critical you have the right project accounting system.

Synergy has put together a Resource Kit that shows how Microsoft Dynamics SL can relieve the stress of managing projects and maintaining compliance—all out of the box!

RESOURCE KIT: How Dynamics SL Solves Government Compliance and Project Accounting Issues

Download this kit to access videos and documents focused on two audiences:

(1) Primarily for project-focused organizations NOT doing government contracting:

  • How Dynamics SL Helps with Budgeting, Project Management, Project Accounting, Tracking Profitability, and Real-time Financial Reporting
  • How a MTO/ETO Manufacturer Became More Efficient and Productive Through Project/Cost Accounting Software
  • 3 Fundamental Reasons to Switch from Deltek to Dynamics SL
  • And much more!

(2) For project-focused organizations exploring or performing on government contracts:

  • How a Government Contractor Improved Reporting and Efficiency While Ensuring Contract Compliance
  • How a Scientific Firm Grew their Government Business More Than 100 Percent with Dynamics SL
  • Why DCAA Compliance Requires Better Processes and Flexible Tools and How to Develop Them.
  • Defense Contractor Helps Save Lives and Sees 100 Percent ROI with Dynamics SL
  • And much more!

by Synergy Business Solutions, Oregon Microsoft Dynamics SL Partner

1 thought on “Relief for Government Contractors and Project-centric Companies”

  1. It is important to really examine all aspects of a project including development, design, commissioning, equipment, post-sales support etc. and have visibility into all of these areas throughout the project. With increase project complexity, it is critical to analyze mid-project profitability . Here is a great Project Profitability Scorecard to allow your readers to take a good look at their processes and determine if there are any gaps in their profitability.

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