Microsoft Dynamics GP for Manufacturing – The Features You Need

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As a member of the manufacturing team here at Altico Advisors, I spend 40-60 hours a week (which sometimes feels like 24 hours a day) working with new manufacturing clients to implement the Microsoft Dynamics GP manufacturing modules, train, trouble shoot, develop workflows, write reports. Or, I’m working with our existing manufacturing clients to enhance their systems, add feature sets, and optimize their solutions.

I work in their offices, their server rooms, their shop floors, their clean rooms.

Altico Advisors has implemented Microsoft Dynamics GP for more than 40 manufacturers throughout New England and upstate New York.  They manufacture sausages, aircraft parts, heavy machinery, circuit boards, computer chips, adhesives, abrasives, trade show displays, industrial lubricants, centrifuges…you get the picture.  Everything from soup to nuts!  Literally!!

If you haven’t looked at Microsoft Dynamics GP lately you’ve missed the transformation of the product from a widely used and respected accounting system to an end-to-end business management solution with broad, very broad, manufacturing capabilities.  Dynamics GP is a solution that can be configured to mirror your plant, incorporate your best practices, assign serial or lot numbers to finished items, create purchase orders and manufacturing orders from an MRP analysis, handle Manufacturing Order partial receipts, your BOM and routers and WIP… and so much more.  I know, I’m skipping all over the place in an effort to show you the scope of functionality available in Microsoft Dynamics GP for manufacturing.

So enough said.  Here are a couple of documents that provide a concise and orderly overview:

Manufacturing with Microsoft Dynamics GP
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Module Guide – See pages 5-6 and the module guide at the very beginning

You can also visit the manufacturing page on our Web site and read a manufacturer’s case study about a company that implemented Microsoft Dynamics GP for the end-to-end integration of their accounting, inventory and manufacturing systems.

If you’re a manufacturer in New England looking for a better way, call Altico Advisors at 508-485-5588.

 By Karen Jernstrom, Manufacturing Specialist, Altico Advisors  Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner for Manufacturing and Distribution serving New Hampshire (NH)


1 thought on “Microsoft Dynamics GP for Manufacturing – The Features You Need”

  1. Hello,

    I have experience with a number of small to midsize ERP systems for manufacturing over the past 20 years and the Dyn GP system is the only one that didn't come along with a costed (indented) BOM costing report. We are trying to develop our own version of the report but have been struggling to get it working & tied out to GP info.

    It seems odd that there is so little info about this since it can be such a valuable report to identify issues and see a full picture of a part, it's components/subassemblies, and the associated costs.

    Can you point me anywhere to get any additional information on this? I am also struggling with rolling up a new product using standard costing and the impact within the standard costing system. We use an independent consultant, but I'm still not clear on how a standard costing is working... again, can you point me to something that would give a simple but clear description of what happens?



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