Why Your Business Should Consider Business Management Software in the Cloud

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Cloud computing is here to stay.  Regardless of size or industry, businesses are making the cloud their choice.  And it isn’t only first-time ERP users choosing the cloud, but many businesses that have historically hosted their business management software on-premise are also moving their systems upward.

Why are so many businesses choosing to leverage the cloud?  And why should you consider making the leap?  Following are just some of the reasons that cloud computing has become the latest, greatest vehicle for ERP.

  • The cloud provides the freedom to access data anytime, from anywhere—no office, no hardware required.
  • The cloud reduces the burden on IT staff and resources.
  • The cloud keeps your solution current with automatic updates.
  • The cloud offers an attractive cost—you can pay monthly for what you need and never need to purchase expensive hardware to house on-site.
  • The cloud offers data security, with off-site, safe storage.

SSi Consulting, with 28 years of experience implementing and supporting business management solutions, offers Microsoft Dynamics SL and Microsoft Dynamics GP in the cloud.

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