Why Dynamics GP Cloud in Canada?

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Recently a Client asked me how Cloud ERP was evolving in Canada vs the US. My first thought was: great question! I have no idea!Then I reached out to a few of our Clients on both sides of the border and they had this to say:

- The ERP Cloud in Canada isn't subject to the same laws and oversight as the privacy laws (or lack thereof) as in the US. Our Clients in Canada know that their data is secure.

- Fundamentally, Cloud Dynamics GP is less costly to implement and consumes less working capital on an ongoing basis, enabling the organization to focus funds on other, revenue generating, activities.

- The Cloud enables Clients to substantially reduce IT infrastructure costs

- Most of the time, the Canadian dollar is below par with the US, so our US Customers can achieve a price savings over other US Dynamics Cloud Partners

If you're interested in learning more about Dynamics GP in the Cloud in Canada, don't hesitate to reach out to WebSan, a Canadian Silver Certified Microsoft Dynamics Partner!

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