Customizable Grant Reports Help Anchorage Non-Profit Run Smoothly

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For Jon Watkins, Chief Financial Officer at Anchorage Community Mental Health Services, producing detailed reports showing spending against various grants is a daily activity. “Our organization operates on up to 16 different grants and medical billing for certain services from 36 divisions and teams, so the reporting process is complex.” Without Microsoft Dynamics GP and its FRx reporting capabilities, Watkins would face nearly insurmountable obstacles. “The FRx reports setup is a clean and effective process that allows us to produce reports whenever we need them. That’s critical because reporting is a large part of our life.”

Watkins relies on the Microsoft Dynamics ERP system to provide a solid foundation for efficient operations. “Automation is one of the biggest things Microsoft Dynamics GP provides for us,” says Watkins. “If we were on a paper-based system, we literally couldn’t keep up with the people we have.”

Watkins and his staff of 13 enjoy the time-saving benefits of Microsoft Dynamics GP’s role-based interface. “We have everybody set up on the roles-based system and we all use our customized home pages to help save time and streamline processes.”

Another critical process for Community Mental Health is managing their cash flow. “We use the Cash Flow Management module to understand where we are from a cash-flow standpoint on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis,” says Watkins. “I appreciate the solid framework Microsoft Dynamics GP provides for internal controls. Obviously, you can choose not to take advantage of those, but we certainly do.”

Ensuring the financial health of his organization is a top priority for Watkins. “I’m most proud of the good we do for the community,” says Watkins, “especially the underprivileged people we reach out to who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford our services.”

Being driven to provide excellent service is a quality Watkins appreciates in business partners. “Arctic Information Technology is truly a partner to us,” says Watkins. “I’ve worked with many IT consultancies around the country throughout my career. I find Arctic IT to be one of the most responsive I’ve ever worked with.”

Anchorage Community Mental Health Services ( has helped people in Anchorage, Alaska, and surrounding communities discover new beginnings in their lives for over 30 years. A client of Arctic Information Technology, they have used Microsoft Dynamics GP for several years.

 By: Arctic Information Technology, Inc., Alaska Microsoft Dynamics Partner

Anchorage, Alaska  - Your Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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