Microsoft Dynamics SL and the 4 Stages of Project Management

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For the project-driven company, the details of each job are unique.  However, the methodology to approaching each project remains consistent. There are several prescriptive and essential steps a project-based company must follow when planning for and completing a project.  Microsoft Dynamics SL, with its robust, flexible solution built for project-based companies, can improve your business’s performance as it follows these steps.

Step 1:  Inception

The birth of a project includes documentation of a need or business requirement, study and research, comparison references, choosing personnel and determining when and where the project will be conducted.

Step 2:  Design

Ideas become plans in this step as resources, finances, timelines, communications, checks and balances, and an overall project roadmap is created.

Step 3:  Execution

The project is done in this step.  Inception meets Design as employees and agents carry out the project, are measured and monitored as they perform, and the desired results are achieved.

Step 4:  Completion

The project is brought to a close in this step, as tasks are finished and staff is released, customer is satisfied and given the opportunity to share project feedback.

Microsoft Dynamics SL empowers your organization to work more effectively as it automates the processes and transactions of project-based businesses.  Contact SSi Consulting when your organization is interested in streamlining the 4 stages of project management.

By Bill Aiton of SSi Consulting, helping project-based companies implement ERP Systems.

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