Business Ready Enhancement Plans for Microsoft Dynamics ERP Systems: Yes, they are Worth It!

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Even as we see IT spending on the rise, we still have many customers that struggle with their decisions to renew their annual Business Ready Enhancement Plans.  As a Value Added Reseller, we strive to keep our renewal rates as high as possible for this one reason: it is good for the customer!  Should you be considering purchasing a Microsoft Dynamics ERP System, we offer this overview to help you better understand the process and the value these plans bring. 

 When a new customer purchases a Microsoft Dynamics ERP system, they are automatically enrolled in a Business Ready Enhancement Plan.  The plan offers many benefits and is an invaluable tool in the first year of software ownership.  With benefits that include access to free online e-learning and technical support incidents, the plan can take an implementation in question and help turn it into a successful project.  Microsoft offers an extensive e-learning catalog that allows new users to browse and select the courses that fit their needs.  Everything from Accounts Payable to Sales Order Processing to Fixed Assets courses are offered for you.  The classes can be taken online or downloaded to your desktop for viewing at a later date.  These courses are a great way for users to become familiar with Dynamics while an implementation is going on.  The technical support incidents are of great value to an end user during year one as inevitably there will be mistakes made that require technical assistance. 

 Another benefit of a current Enhancement Plan is 24/7 access to CustomerSource.  CustomerSource is a secure customer Web site that contains personalized Microsoft product and service information, a searchable technical database, downloads, documentation, discussion boards, the aforementioned unlimited online training, news and other features.  One of the great features from which many of our customers receive exceptional value is the searchable Knowledge Base.  This comprehensive database allows you to enter search criteria and filter by product and module to return specific results to your query.  Searching for answers to technical questions can ultimately save time and consulting dollars when troubleshooting issues. 

 As a partner who cares deeply about the investments our customers make, the greatest value a new customer should recognize is the updates that are available through an Enhancement Plan.  During the term of your Enhancement Plan you are entitled to any upgrades and updates released for your Microsoft Dynamics product.  At the top of the list is new version releases.  A current plan entitles you to these as they become available!  Service packs and hot fixes are created and released at Microsoft’s discretion for recognized issues identified for Microsoft products. Regularly, many hot fixes are combined into a single package (called a service pack), which is made available for installation. Service packs are generally cumulative, meaning that each new service pack contains all the fixes that are included with previous service packs and any new critical security fixes should address specific situations that arise. During the term of your Enhancement Plan you will have access to any service packs and hot fixes released for your Microsoft Dynamics product.

 Another huge benefit to Microsoft Dynamics customers, especially those who use the Payroll functionality, is access to Tax and Regulatory updates.   During the term of your Business Ready Enhancement Plan, you will have access to tax and regulatory releases for the Microsoft Dynamics products.  These updates include Payroll Tax Table updates, and year-end 1099/W-2 updates.  These updates are crucial to keeping your system up to date and compliant with State and Federal Regulations.

 As you can see, an Enhancement Plan brings great value to customers and is a vital part of maintaining your investment!  Associates Solutions, Inc. is a nationally-recognized service and solutions provider that specializes in delivering Microsoft Dynamics Solutions. We are headquartered in the Kansas City metropolitan area, while servicing our clients across the United States, Canada, Europe, and South America.  We are proud to offer Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics SL.

By Associate Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP, SL partner serving KS MO IA NE

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