The Microsoft Holiday LMT Sale Gives the Gift of More Functionality with Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Ready Licensing

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With the Holidays fast approaching, Microsoft is offering existing Microsoft Dynamics® GP customers big savings to move to Business Ready Licensing (BRL).  In 2006, Microsoft changed its licensing structure to user-based pricing, which let customers pay one price for each concurrent user and gave them full access to all the modules and functionality.  Prior to 2006, Microsoft Dynamics GP was sold as module-based licensing, so you chose the functionality and modules needed at that time, and that is what you owned.  Now with BRL, you may not choose or need to implement all the functionality right now, but you will have it available at no extra software cost when you need it.  Contact your Microsoft Dynamics Partner to take advantage during this Holiday sale to move to BRL for $500 for each user before December 22, 2011.

You might be wondering about the advantages of moving to BRL.  The best reason…functionality, functionality, and more functionality!  There are 25 modules included in the Business Essentials and 48 modules included in Advanced Management of Microsoft Dynamics GP BRL.  Give your employees the gift of efficiency with better tools, for example, Microsoft® Forecaster.  This solution is included with the transition to BRL.  Just imagine how forecasting and planning can be improved when you don’t have to pass around that Excel spreadsheet with too many versions.  Imagine the benefits of being able to perform “what if” analysis for your business as you look at ideas and directions to grow. Deploying the Microsoft Forecaster module can save hours and would certainly be a gift to your employees during the budgeting period.  Some of the other more popular modules included with BRL are:


  • Electronic Banking Suite: SafePay, EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), Electronic Bank Reconciliation
  • Fixed Assets
  • Intercompany Processing
  • Multicurrency


In addition to rich functionality, you may want to consider BRL if you are looking to purchase a new module.  The transition to BRL may be a comparable or even a lower investment.  For example, the cost to purchase the Fixed Assets module under your module-based license pricing is approximately $2,800-$4000.  Moving a 5 user system to Microsoft Dynamics GP BRL by December 22, 2011 is $2,500 + enhancement plan.  The value would definitely be there to transition to BRL in this scenario.


Another great thing to keep in mind is that the move to BRL can be done without affecting your annual maintenance plan.  Your annual maintenance fee will continue to be calculated on your original module-based license protected list price.  You will be getting more functionality in your solution and maintain that same protected list price.



A couple of considerations to keep in mind about moving to BRL:


  1. If you currently own one module that is only available in Advanced Management, you will be upgraded to this edition, regardless if you currently own the Standard or Professional edition. You will keep any and all functionality you owned before the transition, you do not need to rebuy any A la carte modules.


      2.     Changing to the new licensing model is as simple as giving you new registration keys to input.  However, we would encourage you take advantage of using your new included modules. Also, this may be a good time to consider upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 to use those features and modules to their fullest.


If you would like more information on moving to Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Ready Licensing during the Holiday sale, please contact The Resource Group.


By Kim Anselmo, The Resource Group – A Seattle Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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