Increase Cash Flow with Flexible Billing Provided by Microsoft Dynamics SL

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There’s nothing particularly buzz-worthy about billing cycles.  They neither headline business periodicals nor spur exciting water-cooler discussions.  But a slow billing cycle ties up company money in a web of unpredictable the-job-was-completed-but-payment-hasn’t-been-received waiting.  But, it doesn’t have to be that way.   Because billing cycles have a direct, measurable effect on a company’s cash flow and monetary control, they are worthy of serious attention and focus for company executives.

Microsoft Dynamics SL provides a productive and streamlining vehicle for organizations to shorten billing cycles, improve cash flow by following up on unbilled receivables, and convert bills to revenue quickly.  And with more cash, businesses are empowered to invest as they please and reduce their overall financial exposure.

Microsoft Dynamics SL provides the following flexible billing benefits:

  • A reduction in lag time between project activity and invoicing
  • Easy transfer of time, expenses, materials, and overhead allocations charges to billing without paperwork delays or manual data entry
  • The ability to make specific billing choices, methods, and structures for each project or customer and then generate invoices automatically or on demand
  • A more informed customer service staff with instant access to invoices

Business management software should make every facet of managing a business easier and more automated.  In order to optimize cash flow for any organization, billing cycles and invoices must be streamlined, efficient, and productive.  Contact Brittenford Systems when you are interested in employing a business management software solution that also will take care of your billing challenges.

By Brian Dietz at Brittenford Systems, a Microsoft Dynamics SL Partner

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