How Much Does Dynamics GP in the Cloud Cost?

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When you are assessing ERP software options, cost will no doubt be a major factor in your decision to go with a cloud or an on-premise deployment.

By using an ERP solution in the cloud, you will:

  • Avoid costly up-front hardware acquisitions or updates
  • Make predictable, monthly, per-user payments
  • Get software maintenance without annual fees
  • Take advantage of software updates without paying for additional services

Regardless of your deployment type, one of the biggest unknowns going into a new ERP solution purchase is the cost for implementation services, because this number is dependent on your business needs.

However, Cloud Services by Socius now offers a fixed-fee implementation schedule that enables you to know upfront your total cost for a cloud ERP solution, like Microsoft Dynamics GP in the cloud.  While you can request a quote from Cloud Services for any of our Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions, our new pricing tool enables you to instantly calculate your costs for Microsoft Dynamics GP in the cloud.

When you use this tool, you will be quoted a cost for the specific functionality of Microsoft Dynamics GP Advanced Management that you need, for the number of users you require, and for the proven implementation services that has made Socius one of the top Microsoft Dynamics GP partners in the world.

See what Microsoft Dynamics GP in the Cloud would cost you!

By Socius, a Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner in Ohio, Kansas City, and California

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