Extension of Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll Functionality with Integrity Data Products Makes for Happy Employees and Payroll Managers

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Paying your employees is a little more complicated than just tracking their hours and cutting a check. There are a lot of different components involved that require close attention to detail. For example, if your employee signs up for direct deposit, you need to ensure they receive notification of payment. Or if employees participate in an investment plan, you need to closely track and report on those amounts. Microsoft Dynamics® GP Payroll helps streamline these processes to make sure your employees get paid the right amount and at the right time. The functionality of Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll right out of the box works perfectly for most organizations. But in some cases, payroll gets even more complicated, needing a bit more functionality.

As a Certified Microsoft Dynamics Partner with dual Gold competencies in ERP and CRM based out of Michigan , we bring in specialized add-on applications to help organizations in need of more functionality. Integrity Data is one of those vendors. They help to develop, market, and support solutions that extend the capabilities of the Microsoft Dynamics GP (Formerly Great Plains) Payroll and HR Modules. Their products are extremely easy to install and implement. In fact, it takes as little as 15 minutes to install some products. This fast turnaround time is a huge perk for our clients and gets them up and running fast.

Here’s a look at some of the functionality available with Integrity Data and Microsoft Dynamics GP:

  1. Negative Payroll Transactions- To make a data entry adjustment in Microsoft Dynamics GP, it takes about 10-15 steps. So let’s say you accidentally gave an employee 8 hours of vacation time, but it should only be 4. With this Negative Payroll add-on from Integrity Data, it’s only one step to make the necessary change. The tool automatically consolidates the steps into one and saves your company time from the manual re-entry process.
  2. Enhanced Retirement Plans - Most companies offer a regular 401k investment plan. Microsoft Dynamics GP covers this type of plan right out of the box. However, the enhanced retirement plans product from Integrity Data takes it one step beyond the basics for those companies who offer more than just one investment plan. For example, some companies offer a regular 401k plan and a Roth 401k Plan, as well as a catch up plan for employees over 50 years old. Integrity Data’s solution makes sure the correct codes are checked with legal limits and accurately tracked and reported on.
  3. Employee E-mail Suite - Direct deposit in Microsoft Dynamics GP is a great benefit for employees. Instead of waiting for the physical check, your employees can be at ease knowing their paycheck has been processed and sent to the bank for payment. This great product from Integrity Data streamlines communications with direct deposit employees even more by automatically emailing remittances as an encrypted PDF.
  4. Paycheck ‘What if’ Calculator- Sooner or later, one or many of your employees will need to change dependents or deductions on their W4. This ‘What if’ calculator allows you to calculate how much a check would be with these changes, without running payroll every time. Employees can make a sound decision on how much it will affect their take home pay if they do in fact make the change.
  5. Comprehensive Leave Manager- Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll out of the box accrues and tracks both vacation and sick time (two buckets). This is enough for most organizations, but some companies want to track vacation time, sick time, personal time, FMLA, maternity leave, etc. The comprehensive leave manager from Integrity Data helps track different types of leave codes.
  6. Mid Pay Period Rate Changes- If your company wants to implement a raise for an employee in the middle of a pay period, this tool from Integrity Data will adjust pay accordingly depending on the effective date of the raise.

These tools from Integrity Data increase the flexibility that’s sometimes needed in your organization. They seamlessly work with Microsoft Dynamics GP to help you save time, meet the needs of your employees and run a successful business.

To learn more about Integrity Data and the extensions they provide for Microsoft Dynamics GP, please email us about our upcoming Integrity Data webinar at jennifers@tmgroupinc.com. Or call 888.482.2864 for more information.

By The TM Group, Michigan  Dual Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM Partner for Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint

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