ERP Software Blog Members Collaborate on New White Paper: 35 Questions Every CFO Needs to Ask About ERP Software In The Cloud

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The ERP Software Blog is proud to announce the release of a new white paper written for CFOs (Chief Financial Officers) and financial professionals who are evaluating moving ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) to the cloud. 35 Questions Every CFO Needs To Ask About ERP Software in The Cloud cuts through the cloud hype to give CFOs the background they need to evaluate cloud-based ERP choices.

CFO’s ultimately hold the responsibility for managing corporate risk and they must fully understand the implications of technology choices.  IT professionals may not be objective in the cloud evaluation process, using technical jargon and vendor-skewed evidence to support their position. 35 Questions Every CFO Needs to Ask About ERP Software in the Cloud gives CFO’s a cheat sheet that levels the playing field so they can ask the right questions.

The 35 jargon-free questions cover topics the CFO needs to understand to make an informed decision including: Cloud Definitions, Potential Benefits of Cloud ERP, Common Concerns of Cloud ERP, Compliance Considerations for Cloud ERP, and Licensing Questions for Cloud ERP. High level answers to each question provide the foundation for CFO cloud knowledge.

Included in the guide are nine informative graphs and a sample cost comparison chart providing a simplified 5-year model to help CFOs evaluate ERP deployment models including: on-premises, on demand and hosted. Business drivers critical to organizational growth, risk. and operations are also compared for each ERP deployment model through an easy-to-understand checklist.

When asked to review the white paper, accounting software industry expert Charles Chewning from The Accounting Library said, “This white paper gives users a step-by-step guide to the Cloud that's easy to understand. Rather than using a technical approach that many people would find hard to interpret, this article sets forth a series of questions and answers that address the primary issues firms need to consider when evaluating a move to the Cloud.”  

This white paper is the second release of the ERP PANEL PAPERS presented by the nationwide panel of ERP experts at ERP Software Blog. A group of 14 ERP and accounting software experts from the US and Canada, with backgrounds using various ERP product lines, provided input for this white paper.  The content is based on their extensive, real life experience helping organizations make informed decisions about the transition to the cloud.

Contributors to this white paper include:  Altico Advisors, BroadPoint Technologies, CAL Business Solutions, Collins Computing, Computeration, Custom Information Services, Myappsanywhere,, OmniVue, SSi Consulting, Sherwood Systems,, The TM Group and WebSan Solutions Inc.

The topic of moving business management systems, including ERP, to the cloud is reaching the boardroom. CFOs must be ready to join the conversation with a thorough understanding of the corporate implications. This straightforward white paper gives CFOs the foundation not only to hold their own…but to lead the discussions.

The white paper, 35 Questions Every CFO Needs To Ask About ERP Software In the Cloud, can be downloaded at

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