Economics, Improved Processes, Agility: Why Now Is the Time for ERP in the Cloud

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Organizations large and small are migrating some or all of their business activities to the cloud.  Many anticipate significant increases in budgeted cloud investments in year 2012 as well.  But to what can we attribute such exponential cloud accounting growth?  Why are so many organizations, regardless of industry and size, shifting their IT focus to the cloud?

Following are the top three reasons companies are making the leap:

  1. Economics.  Business leaders understand that the benefits of cloud computing begin with the bottom line.  Instead of purchasing expensive, large-scale hardware and employing numerous IT staffers to manage it, executives are paying much less by essentially renting software and space to store data.  Gone are upfront costs and maintenance fees but the benefits of the business management software remain.
  2. Improved Processes.  Many business owners are convinced that cloud computing will offer their organization the best features and processes available.  Because cloud-based solutions are updated continually, new innovations, tools, and business features are available to subscribers as they come on the market.  ERP in the cloud therefore is always up to date and modern, without the costs of having to upgrade.
  3. Agility and strategic benefits.  Nowhere is the ability to shift business models and strategies more malleable than in the cloud.  Business leaders see it as a venue in which they can fundamentally make changes to their business practices, reporting strategies, and the integration of all organization sectors.  It is often seen as a way to gain a competitive edge on competition.

SSi Consulting, a certified Microsoft Dynamics® SL and Microsoft Dynamics® GP partner, specializes in business management software solutions in the cloud.  Contact SSi Consulting when you wish to tap the improved processes, agility, and strategic benefits of cloud computing.

By Karen Riordan, SSi Consulting a Maryland Microsoft Partner that offers SaaS for Microsoft Dynamics GP and SL.


1 thought on “Economics, Improved Processes, Agility: Why Now Is the Time for ERP in the Cloud”

  1. Great article. Previously in my blog, I discussed some of the hard realities customers have to manage as part of a Cloud ERP solution. However, these challenges should not deter customers from looking at a Cloud ERP deployment model. There are broad advantages for Cloud ERP including incremental scalability and smaller start-up investment. I would like to speak to some of the less known advantages that a cloud model can provide to ERP customers.

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