7 Frequently Asked Questions About Microsoft Dynamics GP License Model Transition: Module Based Licensing vs Business Ready Licensing

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As your business functionality needs change, so do your software licensing needs.  Microsoft Dynamics GP customers who purchased Microsoft Dynamics prior to 2006 are on “module based pricing”. This means you purchased only the specific modules and functionality you needed.  Since 2006 Microsoft has changed to “user based pricing”. This means you pay one price for each concurrent user and this license has access to all the modules and functionality.  You may not use all the functionality, but you have it available at no extra cost.  Customers on the old module base pricing can stay on this licensing model.  But you have the option to upgrade to the new Business Ready Licensing model at any time, and you receive a full investment credit on the price paid for your original system.

Microsoft is currently offering a new promotion: The License Model Transition (“LMT”) Offer.  It says that eligible Microsoft Dynamics GP customers currently licensed on Module Based Licensing (“MBL”), for a limited time can transition to Business Ready Licensing for $500 per user, with a maximum fee of $25,000. Customers who have between 1 and 200 users can take advantage of this offer. (details of Microsoft Dynamics GP user promotion)

We think that customers with these 3 criteria will save the most money with this promotion:

  • You are still on Module Based Pricing Model (customers who purchased prior to 2006)
  • You are current on your annual enhancement plan
  • You have 10 or less concurrent users

In the past, Microsoft has offered a flat fee to upgrade all user licenses to Business Ready Licensing. We have seen it as low as $6,000 in the past.  This is a great price for large companies with many users. But if you have less than 10 users the new offer of $500 per user makes much more financial sense. This promotion gives you the opportunity you the chance to acquire the functionality you need to meet your long term objectives for a potentially reduced price. For a full description of all the Dynamics GP modules available with Business Ready Licensing download the module guide at www.calszone.com/guide. I am sure you still have questions about License Model Transition. Check out our webpage for answers to these Microsoft Dynamics GP License Model Transition Frequently Asked Questions:

 1)      What is Module Based Licensing (MBL) vs Business Ready Licensing (BRL)?

2)      How do I know which licensing system I have?

3)      Is it required that I upgrade to Business Ready Licensing?

4)      Why would I want to upgrade to Business Ready Licensing?

5)      How much does a License Model Transition cost?

6)      If I upgrade are there additional costs besides the license fees?

7)      How do I know if I need to upgrade to Business Essentials or Advanced Management?

Interested in learning more about a Microsoft Dynamics GP License Model Transition? Contact CAL Business Solutions today online or call 860-485-0910.

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP partner offering training and support

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