3 Questions To Ask Now Before You Buy Microsoft Dynamics GP to Prepare for a Smooth Upgrade Later

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When you buy an ERP/accounting software product you should expect to have it for at least the next 10 years. But in that time you will have to regularly update and upgrade the system to keep it running efficiently. So when you interview potential Microsoft Dynamics GP partners, make sure you understand what life will be like after the sale, when you are ready for your first upgrade.

Here is the experience of one client who was pleased with how smooth the upgrade from Dynamics GP Version 10.0 to Version 2010 was with the help of CAL Business Solutions and a few lessons you can learn from their story.

Women’s Health USA is a large managed services organization that partners with doctors’ offices to provide back office services such as HR, billing, collections, and legal services. Dana Northey, Accounting Manager at Women’s Health USA, discusses their upgrade experience:

Strong Project Management: “For the first time, we assigned a dedicated project manager on our team to work with the project manager at CAL Business Solutions. This really helped to keep our team on point and on schedule. Our CAL project manager was fantastic. I can’t say enough good things about him. Strong project management was essential to the success of our upgrade.”

Focused Testing Period: “Together with CAL, we did extensive testing of our system prior to the upgrade including a complete test upgrade environment. We arranged for our team to make testing a priority, so it could be done quickly and in an organized way. This allowed us to identify and fix issues without losing focus. In the past, testing was done over an extended period of time, which was inefficient. This time, we were able to go live immediately after the testing period.”

CAL Developers Fixed Custom Code: “We have several third party/ISV products and custom applications. CAL helped us to thoroughly test each of these to confirm that they would function properly after the upgrade. In one instance, a program had a code that was not compatible with GP 2010. Because CAL has its own development team on staff, it was able to fix the custom code for us without having to involve another programming company.”

You can read the full case study of this story at: Women’s Health USA Finds the Right Microsoft Dynamics® GP Software Partner to Handle Complex Project Requirements

This experience shows you 3 questions you should ask before you buy to prepare for a smooth Dynamics GP upgrade later:

  1. Does the ERP software partner have project management skills?
  2. Does the ERP software partner have a large client base so upgrades are familiar and organized?
  3. Does the ERP software partner have their own development team?


If you purchase Microsoft Dynamics GP from CAL Business Solutions the answer is yes, yes, yes. Check out our Four Step Plan to buying Microsoft Dynamics GP.

By CAL Business Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner in Connecticut

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