When ERP Systems Fall Short: ISV's Filling The Gap Continuum

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What do you do when you discover that your ERP solution doesn’t provide the functionality that your organization requires?   Chucking your current system and finding a new one can be a very expensive proposition in both dollars and time.   Even then, unless you’re willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for a system that “does it all” will it be worth the investment?

The Microsoft Dynamics ERP products have greatly increased in the ability to meet the need for many of the basics and in some areas go beyond the basics over the years, but there are still gaps to be filled.   There are also instances when the Dynamics solution is a lightweight or cumbersome to use, and your organization needs a solution capable of doing some heavy-lifting.

If you find yourself wondering if your Dynamics ERP system is still a fit, your solution may be an ISV away.   ISV stands for Independent Software Vendor, and they have developed a multitude of solutions over the years.

  • Are you tired of long audits because you can’t find paper documents easily?  There’s a solution for that!
  • When’s the last time you couldn’t find a paper invoice for payment?  And who has that invoice?  There’s a solution for that!
  • Would you like to do your budgets in excel?  There’s a solution for that!

It’s not enough to have hundreds of useful solutions available.   Unless the word is spread, the best of products might never be discovered and put into use.   We are continually hosting live events and webcasts designed to inform end users.  Visit our events page at www.ssiconsulting.com for information on upcoming presentations.

SSi Consulting, a Maryland Microsoft  Partner that offers Cloud Accounting for Microsoft Dynamics

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