Top Integrated ERP E-Commerce Features that Boost Your Business

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Having tighter integration between consumer facing front-end e-commerce websites and back-end inventory and accounting ERP systems can successfully save companies time and money. But how can ERP systems and e-commerce websites work together to also boost business? Consider some of these top features a well-integrated e-commerce store should feature that can boost business.


1)      Mobile Support

More and more customers are using their smartphones. By 2015, it’s predicted that mobile purchases will total $119 billion globally, up from $1.2 billion in 2009. With more and more shoppers buying online, offering a shopping site that is optimized for mobile browsing will become essential in keeping up with consumer buying habits. Prosports 20/20 BeWell mobile store allows registered users to purchase health oriented products that help them live healthier lives in accordance with their weight loss programs. Just like any regular e-commerce site, it is dynamically integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP and allows orders to flow more efficiently from the website to Dynamics GP.
Mobile Store

2)      Promotion Pricing

Offering discounts on items can play a significant role in generating sales during certain times of the year, especially as the holidays approach. Dr.Haushka, a leading provider of natural skin care products, is able to run promotions on their e-commerce site by establishing pricing rules in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Going into an inventory system back office and selecting the item or group of items to run a promotion on makes things easier and less complex, and saves time from changing the pricing on both the front end website and back office ERP system. Having an integrated system for managing coupon codes and free shipping offers is one feature that can help in driving online sales and simplifying promotional management.

Promo Pricing

3)      Instant Account Creation at Checkout

As soon as customers checkout and place an order on your website, you want to make sure that their account, shipping, and credit card information is properly stored and available in your back office ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics GP. You also want the ability to facilitate the order process by offering one page checkout and guest checkout features that can expedite the checkout process and help shoppers purchase the products they want faster. Having customers automatically created at checkout allows for companies to easily access their ERP and see any buying history, account history, account or bill to information.
Cariloha’s consumer site features a quick one page checkout as well as guest checkout so shoppers can purchase quickly all while having this information instantly available in Dynamics GP.

These are just a few of the top integrated ERP e-commerce features that can boost your business. To view more information and specific features that can help grow your business view our integrated e-commerce page.

By Azox Inc., - E-Commerce for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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