Microsoft Dynamics AX is Powerful, Agile, Simple

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This month Microsoft publicly launched its most comprehensive release of Dynamics AX, version AX 2012. The solution has over 1000 new features and enhancements and is now positioned as an “enterprise class” solution. Microsoft describes this new release to the market as Powerful, Agile, and Simple. It seems that the solution will have to go a long way to live up to these three descriptors!

  • Powerful - Full of power; capable of producing great effects of any kind; potent; mighty; efficacious; intense; as, a powerful man or beast; a powerful engine; a powerful argument; a powerful light; a powerful vessel
  • Agile - Quick and well-coordinated in movement; lithe: an agile leap; active, lively: an agile person; marked by an ability to think quickly; mentally acute or aware
  • Simple - Easy to understand, deal with, use, etc. a simple matter; simple tools; not elaborate or artificial; plain: a simple style; not complicated: a simple design

These definitions give details to the adjectives but how does it related to an ERP solution?

Let’s try by starting with powerful. What would an ERP solution need to do to meet this classification? Leap tall buildings with a single bound? I think the picture above used to describe powerful as “a powerful engine” works well. Think of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 as the engine that runs your business. It’s where your team can access information that’s important to them  from their tailored role center: their key performance indicators, their work or “to-do” lists, their exceptions they need to focus on to be successful. The “great effects” are your employees being able to focus on what’s important to them in accomplishing their work more efficiently and effectively.  An “efficient” powerful engine, that works!

Agile helps to describe how Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 utilizes the entire Microsoft stack” to deliver a “well coordinated,” well integrated solution. Using Microsoft Office Communicator embedded in Dynamics AX 2012 to determine whether or not your colleague is available to collaborate on a new product design enabled by SharePoint 2010 or to work with your preferred vendor to develop a new feature for your products on Enterprise Portal all from your ERP application, that’s agile.

And simple? The User interface for AX2012 follows the “ribbon bar” concept first introduced in Microsoft Office (familiar things are simpler to use), there is a “drag and drop” workflow designer (no more windows workflow .Net programming!) and a visual organization chart (yes, some of us are visual learners!) that displays all of your intercompany and departmental relationships on a single screen.

So how well does AX2012 fit the tags of Powerful, Agile, and Simple? Rather well! We are excited about Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and would welcome the opportunity to show you and your organization how this Powerful, Agile, Simple solution might meet your needs.

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By:  Robert Bell, RSM – Microsoft Dynamics AX for Manufacturing Partner


1 thought on “Microsoft Dynamics AX is Powerful, Agile, Simple”

  1. Good post!

    Now after implementing Dynamics AX 2012 for a couple of customers, we are even more pumped about it!

    Now delivering configruable workflow and Business Intelligence out of the box is outstanding. With 800 Plus reports plus a dozen or so data cubes out of the boxes it really delivers. Adding the 30+ role centres, which then serve up the Business Intelligence for each role, out of the I said excellent.

    Dynamics AX 2012 is the most configurable solution out of all the Dynamics products. Built for Enterprise level organisations, who typically have enterprise level requirements.

    If it helps, at a headline level, we have a page about the top 10 reasons to choose Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. You can find it at;

    You can also find a list and description of the available Dynamics AX 2012 modules as well.

    Hope it’s of interest.

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