Massachusetts Company Makes the Smart Move! From QuickBooks to Dynamics GP

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I’ve been in this business for a long time, and still, it never ceases to amaze me when I come across companies that have clearly outgrown QuickBooks but haven’t invested in a more robust and scalable ERP system, like Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains). We see companies that have really been struggling for years and years to run a successful business on software that no longer supports their needs.  Often, they end up with tons of spreadsheets that have to be manually updated, and standalone applications that have been scotch taped together (so to speak) to fill in the gaps that QuickBooks can’t handle.  And when we show them how an integrated solution like Microsoft Dynamics GP can replace their QuickBooks software AND their spreadsheets AND their standalone applications, a typical response is:  WOW!  Dynamics GP can do all that? 

 Rypos is a great example of a company that made the right decision at the right time.  Their management team saw the handwriting on the wall and realized that QuickBooks was not going to sustain their growing business and their complex business model.  They did their due diligence, researched their alternatives, and made the move up from QuickBooks to Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Rypos is an innovative, visionary company on the leading edge of the clean energy explosion.   Now they’re also using leading edge software to run their business.  Dynamics GP was a great fit for them.

Exactly how have they benefited?  CFO Don Simoneau sums it up as follows:  “With Microsoft Dynamics GP, we can focus on growing our business both with innovative companies that embrace sustainability and with the logistics providers and other customers who need to comply with regulatory mandates.”
The 3 key areas of improvement are: 

1)  Streamlined Financial Management and Relevant Reporting

2)  Increased Accountability to Customers and Regulators

3)  Effective Management of Complex Manufacturing Operations

Perhaps at this point you’re saying:  Those are great headlines, but exactly what does it mean when you say “Streamlined Financial Management” or “Increased Accountability” or “Effective Management of Complex Manufacturing Operations?”  Details please!  

So to make a short story long, feel free to read the full QuickBooks to Dynamics GP case study where you’ll find the specifics of what Rypos deployed in their move up from QuickBooks to Microsoft Dynamics GP and how their company has profited.  For us here at Altico Advisors, it’s all about stories with happy endings. 


By Mike Kean, Altico Advisors, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner for Manufacturing and Distribution serving New Hampshire (NH)

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