If Security is an Issue for Your ERP System, Consider Using a Role-Based Security Model in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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FMT Consultants, LLC has assisted many organizations with implementing what we call "Segmented Security" to increase the flexibility of configuring and applying GP user security roles. The best way to explain the benefits of this segmented security model is to contrast it with the standard security roles. As you may know, an example of one standard (out-of-the-box) GP security role is AP CLERK.  The AP CLERK role contains the ability to create vendors and the ability to enter, void, and post payables transactions and payments. As companies increasingly adopt more stringent data/transactional security standards and processes, they may not allow the same user to create vendors, enter invoices, and print checks.

This is where the segmented security that FMT has designed can help. Instead of utilizing a security role such as AP CLERK that contains too many security rights, we've created multiple roles to segment the process and apply security accordingly. Some of those security roles look like the following: PAYABLES PROCESSING, PAYABLES PAYMENTS, and PAYABLES CARDS. A GP security administrator can then grant user access to PAYABLES CARDS and PAYABLES PROCESSING giving the user the ability to create vendors and enter payables transactions without the ability to print checks.

So, the next time you find yourself challenged with applying the right GP security role to the appropriate user in relation to your specific business process, utilizing our GP segmented security model will assist you with meeting those challenges head on. If you would like more information regarding segmented security or help with your organization's current GP security settings, please contact FMT Consultants today at (760) 930-6487 or click here to submit a contact form through our website.

Written by Micah Trujillo, Senior ERP Consultant at FMT Consultants, LLC.

Posted by Nicole Kirkpatrick of FMT Consultants, LLC, Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in Dynamics GP and CRM serving Southern California and Hawaii

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