How to Reduce Risk in ERP Projects - with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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Implemented correctly, a quality ERP solution such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV will deliver a wide range of benefits and efficiency gains to your business. It will help you streamline your processes and help you run all areas of your organisation. At the same time, it will reduce costs and produce a rapid return on investment (ROI).

ERP software has been around for some time now. As well as major developments in the products themselves, there have been also been significant improvements in the underlying technology, business process, and implementation methodologies.

Despite these advances, implementing an ERP solution for the first time, or changing from one system to another, is a daunting task. It takes up time, resources, and of course financial outlay. And no matter how good the technology or the product is, all ERP projects still involve an element of risk.

There are various ways to reduce the risks inherent in an ERP project. For example, full preparation and project scoping, effective change management, ensuring sponsorship from the top down, working to a proven project methodology, clearly defining objectives and KPI’s, good training, ensuring user buy-in and maintaining communications are just some.  You also need to choose the right business partner to work with.

Most reputable ERP vendors ensure their business partners are fully trained, experienced, and qualified to provide, implement, and support their products. This includes Microsoft, which has stringent training and certification criteria before a business partner can supply, offer, or deploy an ERP product like Microsoft Dynamics NAV. They also have a network of qualified Microsoft Dynamics business partners worldwide, so for example if you open a new factory, outlet, or office in a different area (or even a different country), you should be able to find a local business partner to work with.

But how do you reduce the risk involved with the product?

There are a wide variety of ERP solutions available, so due diligence in making sure that you choose the right product for your business requirements, aims, and objectives is essential. Discussing your ERP project with an independent and experienced ERP or business software specialist makes product selection a lot easier and reduces risk. It also helps to look at published research. For example, independent research by Nucleus has shown that seventy-seven per cent of Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers achieved a positive return on investment with the product with an average payback period of just 23 months.

If you choose Microsoft Dynamics NAV as your ERP solution, you can also reduce your financial outlay. And here’s how.

Microsoft has announced a new offer to help businesses reduce the risk in changing ERP solutions, or implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV for the first time. The offer, nicknamed the “Give Me 5” promotion, allows businesses to buy five Business Essentials or Advanced Management product licences for just £1800 (GBP).

Even without the promotion, Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers flexible and competitive license costs and pricing. However, this offer is a significant discount. It makes the product an exceptional value compared with competitive products in its class. So, this offer takes away a major part of the financial risks of your ERP project.

Another key benefit of this offer, which differentiates it from many other promotions, is that it lasts for nearly nine months. It doesn’t expire until June 2012, which allows you plenty of time to look at your options, do your research, and find the right business partner. It means you can carefully assess a range of ERP solutions and not feel rushed in to buying licences.

If you’re a UK business and want to find out if you’re eligible, for more information about the offer, or if you have any other questions about Microsoft Dynamics NAV or reducing the risk of your ERP project, please contact Concentrix TSG.

Please note the ‘Give Me 5’ offer is only available to new customers that haven't previously purchased licenses for a Microsoft Dynamics ERP product. There are also other terms and conditions that apply.

By Concentrix TSG Ltd – independent UK Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM specialists

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