What is Microsoft Dynamics GP Localization and Translation?

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 Today’s business is not hindered by borders and the economy operates on a global scale. It is perfectly normal for a modern enterprises to have offices that span the globe. Furthermore, companies that operate in countries outside the U.S. have the opportunity to take advantage of the same quality of ERP software as those in the U.S. with localization and translation. Microsoft Dynamics GP provides both.

 Localization is the process of adapting software to meet the standards, laws, and regulations of a particular locale. Since financial and tax laws can vary widely across various countries, this process can be intricate and requires legal and economic expertise. Translation interprets the terminology used in the product’s interface and documentation and transforms it into a workable language suitable to the country in which it is deployed.

 Microsoft Dynamics GP includes localization and translation for the following countries: Argentina (Spanish LATAM), Australia (English -Australia), Canada (English/French -Canadian), Chile (Spanish LATAM), Colombia(Spanish LATAM), United Kingdom (English - UK), and the United States (English - US). Microsoft institutes a thorough process of localization to make sure customers comply with the laws and regulations of their countries, and it also institutes a similar level of quality in translations to make sure employees using the ERP system can use it without difficulty.

 In order to provide an overview of the process and availability of localization and translation for Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft has created the “ProductAvailability, Localization & TranslationGuideforMicrosoftDynamicsGP”. You can download it for free in PDF format from Microsoft’s website. Microsoft channel partners may also create their own localization and translation packages for Microsoft Dynamics GP in other areas where Microsoft does not provide a localized or translated version. Consult a local Microsoft partner for more information.


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  1. The reason for the popularity of Microsoft is its user friendlyness, that is why all Microsoft products is rocking in the world, Microsoft Dynamics GP Localization and Translation is one more step to come closeness of the people of the world.

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