Requisition Management for Dynamics GP (Great Plains), AX, NAV and SL

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Requisition Management is a very important process for mid-sized and large companies.  It allows them to maintain control of their expenses and investments, and keep them in line with approved budgets.  A good requisition process and system guarantees appropriate visibility for management and accountability for approvals, with complete auditability.  Very few ERP systems, however, provide complete functionality to support such requisition management needs.

Dynamics GP, for example, lacks robust requisition management functionality.  Historically, Great Plains Software and later Microsoft have made good strides to bring such functionality to the product, adding first a simple approval process, then adding a proper—if basic—requisitions module within the Business Portal, and finally integrating Sharepoint workflows into Dynamics.  These solutions go from too simple to be really useful, to being complex to install, configure and update.  While these features are useful to a certain degree, none of them provide the level of functionality of a full-fledged requisition management application such as Tectura Corporation’s ReQlogic.

ReQlogic is a web-based application that provides requisition control for purchases, warehouse releases, and expenses.  It is completely integrated not only to Dynamics GP, but also to Dynamics AX, NAV and SL.  Routing policies are completely customizable and can be based on any available field from the system to route every line of every requisition exactly where it should go for approval. There is also complete audit trail of every action taken with each requisition.

You can attach documents, manage multiple budgets (including Dynamics’), take advantage of a flexible request for quotes process, and even connect to web catalogs.  At the end of the approvals routing, requisitioned lines can be consolidated to create the appropriate Dynamics documents such as purchase orders, warehouse dispatch orders, or AP invoices. The product itself is highly customizable using built-in tools that will allow you to make it fit your requirements.

Contact us to learn more about Requisition Management for Dynamics.  Implementing ReQlogic is relatively simple and can be integrated into your favorite ERP implementation without adding major costs.  What it will add is a lot of functionality within a robust web-based requisitions system that will allow you to manage your approvals process, no matter how complex they may be.

At ICON, we like best-in-class products that work.  While ReQlogic is not the only product of its kind available for Dynamics GP (Great Plains), it is one of the most complete requisition management systems out there.  Our relationship with Tectura began after a thorough evaluation of more than a dozen similar products that ended with a very happy customer.  This relationship endures today, thanks to the high level of satisfaction that ReQlogic users experience with the product in their day-to-day operations.

By ICON, Dominican Republic Dynamics GP partner


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