For ERP Software Purchases, Business Needs Are Top Priorities

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 When shopping for any technology, whether a refrigerator for your home or a complex $30,000 copy machine for your office, it is far too easy to fall into infatuation with shiny technology. The feeling may be so strong that you feel compelled to pull out your wallet, checkbook, or purchase order form without even thinking about it; but before you do, you should consider the ramifications.

 Like other expensive technology, ERP will not save the world and certainly will not save your business, but if you use it correctly and choose a system that works well for you, the benefits can be very profitable. The first time you see one of those glittering, fancy ERP systems demoed by a vendor, you may experience technology infatuation, but this feeling is not love. If you are going to spend that much time and money investing in a system you hope will help your business succeed, you had better be in love with the benefits it will bring to your specific business.

 The only way you can truly love technology is if it actually helps your business excel. Therefore, when it comes to ERP, the needs of your business are more important than any amount of technological eye candy a vendor can pull off in a demonstration. That does not mean you should settle for an inferior product, but you also should not be fooled by beauty that lacks substance.

 Think of choosing an ERP system like choosing a spouse. This is someone you are going to have to wake up and face every day for the rest of your life. Fortunately, ERP systems do not last quite that long, but if you choose the wrong one, it may seem like forever.

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