Can Microsoft Kinect Bring Motion Control to Your ERP Software System?

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When Microsoft released the Kinect motion capturing technology for the Xbox 360 gaming console, it did not take long for hackers to find a way to use it on their computers. Shortly thereafter, Microsoft acknowledge the usefulness of Kinect beyond the Xbox 360 and released the Kinect for Windows SDK.

While most of the early implementations were purely for entertainment purposes, it soon became evident that numerous industries and businesses could make use of Kinect in real-world scenarios. Jason Carter over at brought to our attention that among the uses developers are exploring for Kinect is the possible implementation of motion capturing of gestures in business management applications like Microsoft Dynamics GP, one of Microsoft’s ERP solutions.

How would it work? Imagine a presentation in a conference room where the presenter demonstrates BusinessAnalyzer, complete with charts and graphs, using nothing but his or her hands to navigate. With Kinect, we may see an end to the old PowerPoint clickers we once loved. Instead of simply clicking, you could swipe, drag, pinch, capture images and video, and even send commands configured to respond to specific gestures.

In the following demonstration, Microsoft Dynamics GP Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Jivtesh Singh demonstrates Kinect implemented with Business Analyzer to use the swipe, expand, and contract gestures to navigate through a presentation. He uses swipe right to go forward to the next graph, swipe left to go backward to the previous graph, expand to zoom in on the current graph, and contract to zoom out.

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