Can an ERP Software Solution Really Transform Your Business?

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 It is a question every business executive should ask before diving head first into that flashy new ERP package with all the catchy buzzwords like “cloud” and “iPhone app”.  Before you get caught up in the hype, ask yourself one simple question.  Will this ERP solution transform my business?  If the answer is yes, the next logical question would be to ask if that will be a change for the better.

 To understand just how an ERP solution can transform a business, you first need to understand where your company currently is in the big scheme of things and where you want it to go.  Is your company a global subsidiary, a global organization (with multiple operations around the world), a vertical business (with highly specialized business processes), or an organization specifically looking to improve financials and operations (i.e. looking to replace your accounting software)?

 There are few ERP vendors that can offer workable solutions to real people in all of these scenarios, and Microsoft is leading the pack with its Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions.  Microsoft offers four unique yet familiar choices in Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics SL, and Microsoft Dynamics AX.

 As an example, let us suppose your organization is a vertical business with a very specialized industry.  You manufacture doorknobs and nothing else, but you are very good at what you do.  While you are impressed by the cool features many ERP solutions offer, they do not actually fit your business at all, which has very specific needs. 

 With Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions, you can streamline your business processes, focusing only on the tasks you need to accomplish.  You will also get an easy-to-use and familiar product that will not force you to stop work making your amazing doorknobs to spend hours upon hours training.  You will also find a Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner who will help you through the implementation to make it quick and painless.

 If you need some help deciding, you should take a look at some of the Microsoft Dynamics ERP customer stories, those companies who have found a way to use their ERP solutions to transform their businesses.  It can work for you too.


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