6 Must-Ask Questions When Interviewing ERP Implementation Firms

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There’s more to enterprise resource planning (ERP) projects than selecting the right technology. You’re also tasked with choosing a firm to successfully deploy that solution. And when you consider the substantial cost and inherent risks of ERP, the stakes are high in finding the best partner for the job.
What should you look for in an implementation partner? What questions should you ask? Here are 6 questions to give you deeper insight into whether an implementation firm is a good fit for your project.

1. Who else have you done similar projects for in my industry?
You want to know: Does this firm have experience working on projects like what you need done? If so, ask for details and references. You’re looking for evidence that this firm has the track record and capabilities to deliver.

2. Who, from your firm, will be assigned to our project?
While the company may have expertise serving your industry, what about the individuals assigned to your project? Do these professionals have that industry experience, as well? Also, you’re looking to avoid a bait-and-switch situation, where you’re won over by the firm’s senior management, assuming they would be leading your team, only to find out that they’ve assigned junior-level personnel to manage your project.

3. How long has each member (you intend to assign to our team) been with your firm?
Will the implementation team be relatively stable? Or, should you expect to deal with significant turn-over, which could jeopardize project timelines and budget?

4. How many ERP projects have you successfully completed with the software you intend to use with our deployment?
The more experience an implementer has with the software, the greater knowledge they’ll have of the product’s strengths, limitations, and risks. They understand precisely what capabilities are available out-of-the box and can make accurate assessments as to what needs to be customized for your application.

5. What certifications do you hold with the software manufacturer?
Manufacturer certifications bring accountability and credibility to the selection process, demonstrating that the implementation firm has been successful deploying that manufacturer’s products, in a way that meets stringent standards.

6. What’s an example of a project your firm worked on that went south? What happened? How did your team handle it? What was the final result?
Every project encounters challenges and obstacles. So, you’re looking for candor in the response. You want peace of mind that this team knows how to handle turbulence when it comes and is equipped to navigate the project through whatever headwinds it faces.

To learn more about a firm with an extensive track record of successful ERP deployments using Microsoft Dynamics, contact ERT Group at 954-825-0888.

Enterprise Resources Technology Group, Inc. (ERT Group) is a technology consulting firm that empowers companies to grow and succeed with business solutions that streamline processes, improve productivity, and squeeze more profit from operations. ERT Group is a Florida Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and a 2010 President’s Club member for Microsoft Dynamics – offering Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics ERP.
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