Weather Forecast for the Cloud: “Forget about the Forecast, What about Today??”

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Experts analyze on a daily basis what they think the cloud will be next year or in five years, but what about what cloud computing is and means today? We have been so focused on the future that I think our thoughts of the current cloud have been skewed.

Cloud computing is not a new concept, it’s a new term.  You’re noticing it more and more because people are talking about it a lot these days.  Software is being developed for “the cloud” and corporations are considering migration of their data to “the cloud”.  Cloud computing really refers to where and how you want to host your software applications and data – it’s still a server and IT infrastructure, but the difference is that it’s not located within your own office building.  Cloud computing can include infrastructure-as-a service, platform-as-a-service, and software-as-a service, all being hosted on a providers infrastructure off-premises.

Today, you can work with your software vendor to discuss how the cloud can immediately benefit your company.  You can migrate data from your office IT infrastructure to Microsoft’s cloud or your software vendor or host’s cloud.  The most significant benefits of cloud-computing is the reduction in the in-house IT costs and also the improved access to information outside of the office.  As companies expand and set up shop in all parts of the world, cloud computing improves communication and access to critical business information.

One reason that cloud computing wasn’t adopted quicker is that corporations have been hesitant to store critical business information on servers off-site.  There is a real concern for data stealing or data loss and other security concerns.  Over recent years, security for the cloud has been greatly enhanced, just like the software applications have been enhanced.  With rapid globalization, corporate mergers and acquisitions, and the tight competition in the marketplace, IT is often sought as a tool that can give a corporation a step up on their competitors.

While the cloud seems like a magical, new ability in online computing, it is really a reinvention and improvement of what has been available for years.  What is even better is that it’s available for you to use today!  Rimrock is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner with experience on how Microsoft Dynamics and cloud computing can work for you – today!


By Rimrock Corporation, Microsoft Gold Certified Dynamics GP and CRM partner out of Canada

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