Regulatory Compliance Top Cause of CFO Stress & How ERP Software Can Help

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 In these times, it is not easy to be a CFO.  They are the ones who often have to reveal the bad news that comes with a recession: budget cuts, layoffs, and new regulatory requirements.  Of all the unpleasant things CFOs have to do,  instituting new regulatory requirements tops the list according to the DeloitteCFOSignalssurvey for Q4 2010.

 Change is often stressful for everyone, but the person responsible for the changing sometimes takes on more stress than most people realize.  With issues like corporate tax policy and health care reform taking center stage in Washington, many CFOs must prepare their companies to adjust to new regulations.  Furthermore, actually monitoring regulatory compliance can be time consuming and costly.

 What some may not realize is that Microsoft Dynamics GP can help.  Whether you need to bring your company in compliance with industry standards, government policy, or corporate quality initiatives, your business management solution has the tools you need.  Some of the features in Microsoft Dynamics GP that help remove much of the complexity of regulatory compliance are:


  •  track and report changes to any fields and tables and document and approve changes with Audit Trails and Electronic Signatures (Fact sheet: Audit Trails and Electronic Signatures for Microsoft Dynamics GP)
  • automate compliance workflows and checkpoints
  • securely store compliance history and transaction data
  • assign roles to give employees clear objectives and guidelines for compliance
  • manage all of the regulatory compliance centrally to free up IT resources
  • provide access to compliance reports and information for review through the connectivity of Dynamics GP with other Microsoft products (using Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server)

 Whether you need to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, GASB, or any other regulatory or corporate standard, integrity of your information is critical. Microsoft Dynamics GP can help. For more information about the regulatory compliance features available in Microsoft Dynamics GP, download the free white paper “Compliance and Dynamics GP” available from Microsoft.

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