Integrating Information Systems to Your ERP: Advantage Dynamics GP

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This is the scenario: Your company wants to install an ERP system to make processes more efficient.  You have one or several specialized systems running operations that are critical to your business, but these systems cannot be replaced by the ERP because they are very unique to your company or your industry.  Often these systems are the source of data that is the most valuable to your bottom line, and vital for the financial system to provide management with timely information to make the right business decisions.  Your ERP must be capable of extracting the information needed to generate the appropriate financial transactions so that the information is complete and on time.

Over the past two decades, ICON has worked in numerous projects that have required real time data integration between systems.  Microsoft Dynamics GP offers various integration tools which are adaptable to the customer’s IT technology and culture.  The good news is: Yes, it can be done.

Many modern ERP systems offer import tools.  However, many of these are designed only for the initial data load process and are too simple thereby limiting their usefulness and requiring great amount of human intervention to make them work.  In other cases, integrating to these systems requires a lot of programming code that is complex and costly to develop and maintain.

Dynamics GP (Great Plains) offers several integration tools both for initial or casual data integration, as well as heavy-duty real time systems integration.  So if you have, for example, a web-based store, these tools can extract sales orders automatically and bring those into Dynamics GP.  You can automate the import of data generated in other systems such as payroll data, electronic payments or deposits, production orders, new customers, vendors or items, and so on.

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers very powerful technologies that allow you to develop highly sophisticated integrations that make your disparate systems talk to each other easily and efficiently.  So, if you have integration needs, you can’t go wrong choosing Dynamics GP, or contacting ICON to help answer your questions.

By ICON, Dominican Republic Dynamics GP partner

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