The Key to Growth and Efficiency: Well Deployed ERP Software

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The Aberdeen Group surveyed companies about implementing ERP software with these findings:

  • Sixty eight percent of companies with no ERP system rely on spreadsheets.
  • The top reasons for not implementing an ERP system were (1) the effort to implement and (2) the cost of software and services.
  • Automating manual tasks was the top reason for companies to deploy an ERP system.

But the benefits of ERP software are much more compelling than that. They include:

  • Ability to scale up the system with incremental phased rollouts.
  • Measurable efficiency improvements.
  • A lower cost of ownership (TCO) and reduced effort and cost of upgrades through a hosted solution.
  • As reported by best-in-class companies, a 20 percent reduction in operational costs and an 18 percent reduction in administrative expenses.

Companies exploring a new ERP system (including project-based firms with project accounting software requirements) need to think about the right implementing partner as much as the right software. The right partner delivers proper training and impacts widespread user adoption, which makes a huge difference. With expert training, key features are fully utilized. New dashboards enable timely insights and visibility across inter-company transactions, specific reports improve decision making, real-time access to data means quicker responsiveness to customers.

In short, well deployed ERP software serves to standardize, streamline, automate, and add visibility and transparency to business processes. To learn more, read the full article: ERP: The Key to Growth and Efficiency.

By Synergy Business Solutions, a West Coast Microsoft Dynamics SL Gold Enterprise partner.

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