Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Office 365 Work “Better Together”

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Microsoft Office 365 recently launched in June and as a Microsoft Dynamics® GP and CRM partner, we’re especially excited.

It is no secret that Microsoft Office 365 works well with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. As an online suite that includes SharePoint, Lync, Office, and Exchange, CRM Online pairs well with the overall functionality. What might come as more of a surprise is that Microsoft Dynamics GP also pairs well with Microsoft Office 365 helping the two solutions work “better together” (Microsoft’s official campaign slogan for GP and Office 365).

Microsoft Dynamics GP Product Manager, Errol Schoenfish confirmed in April that he is pushing for a very deep integration to common systems similar to that of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Office 365. With these deep integrations, you can streamline your financial management along with your internal communications. Even better, if you add CRM online to the mix, you can connect the customer service department, accounting department, and the operations team because your three solutions automatically speak to one another….working better together and helping your team work better together as well. This type of deep integration can eliminate confusion about customers, sales, financials, and internal documentation.

If you are interested in pairing Microsoft Dynamics GP with Microsoft Office 365 or even adding Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to this dynamic duo, please contact us at Rimrock. We are a boutique consulting firm that specializes in the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM software solutions and are dedicated to ensuring that technology grows with you, no matter where you are headed.

By Rimrock Corporation, Toronto Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner


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