Harry Potter Ends But Dynamics GP Is Still Going Strong!

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This weekend marks the much anticipated conclusion of the extraordinarily successful Harry Potter movies with the release of the eighth and final film in the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -  Part 2. 

It is an incredibly rare and possibly even unique accomplishment for one story to have captivated and kept the attention of millions (billions?) since the release of the first film in 2001. Each subsequent film has built on the core success of the prior, while improving and adding new characters and story lines. 

Microsoft purchased Great Plains that same year, 2001, and ever since the Dynamics GP product has similarly captivated the ERP marketplace. Now in its 11th release with GP2010, this highly acclaimed business software solution has continued to deliver superior functionality and performance. 

Similar to the Potter movies, Dynamics GP has improved upon its initial version with every subsequent release. This ERP solution remains timely, relevant, and popular – especially the GP2010 version with its incredible array of business intelligence and analytic features that include a business analyzer tool, dashboard metrics, and ad hoc reporting. And the future looks even more promising with the GP 2012 and beyond releases in the planning.

Today, even after ten years, Dynamics GP is considered the leading ERP software in the mid market. That in and of itself is an amazing piece of wizardry 

By the Knaster Technology Group, Colorado Microsoft Dynamics GP Gold Certified Partner

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