Beyond Software: 6 Effective Inventory Management Practices

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Many distributors are lured to new software solutions based on their promises to help manage inventory.  Because inventory is the largest and most important asset for many distributors, managing it efficiently is critical to remaining profitable and competitive.  So, it’s no wonder that inventory management is such a driving factor in distribution software selection.

However, effective inventory management goes beyond what any software solution can provide.  Because any software is only as good as the data that goes into it, you need to implement effective inventory management processes and procedures in order to get the most from your inventory management solution.

According to Jon Schreibfeder, president of Effective Inventory Management, Inc., there are six areas of inventory management where practices and standardized processes within your software solution are the keys to success:

  1. Getting Control of Your Inventory –Unless you know exactly what inventory is in your warehouse, and whether that material is in a usable condition, you can’t properly determine when to reorder products. You have to control your existing inventory before you can manage your future inventory processes.
  2. Keeping Accurate Stock Balances – Having accurate, reliable counts of your actual inventory on-hand empowers you to keep your customers happy and saves you costs by helping you avoid the need to over-order.
  3. Improving Your Forecast Accuracy- Gain the power to do more with fewer resources by accurately forecasting demand for your stock products.
  4. Managing Effective Replenishment Parameters – Blindly trusting your software solution to help you make replenishment decisions without fully understanding the parameters that are set in your software can cause serious problems.  By understanding these parameters, and how they are intended to function, you can replenish your recurring usage stock with improved efficiency.
  5. Maintaining Stock in Your Branch Locations – Ensure that your branches are all appropriately stocked to keep your multi-location distribution organization performing equally well across all areas.
  6. Achieving Inventory Analysis Efficiencies - With solid inventory analysis, you can ensure that you are investing in the right amount of the right products to remain competitive.  By developing and using a comprehensive set of tools to closely monitor the performance of your inventory, you can achieve more of your goals more efficiently.

Jon Schreibfeder has expounded upon these six keys to success in a series of whitepapers geared toward helping distributors like you increase efficiency, customer service, and profitability through inventory management.  Download the Effective Inventory Management whitepapers here!

By Socius, a Microsoft Dynamics Partner serving Distributors in Ohio, Kansas City, and California

4 thoughts on “Beyond Software: 6 Effective Inventory Management Practices”

  1. Inventory is an important part of every operation. It provides several benefits including proper inventory management, order fulfillment, right assessment of taxes and many more.

  2. Just discovered your blog and find it interesting. The 6 areas of inventory management by Mr. Jon Schreibfeder is truly the key success in any distribution business. These will give you the most from your existing inventory management solution. And that's beyond its capacity to be more effective tool for your operation.

    Good post! Very informative!

  3. Every soft solution can provide enhancement in process completion with cost effectiveness but in no way replace the physical optimization required. Therefore we agree that these six management inventories will surely be needed in making a cost efficient inventory system.

  4. I agree with you that effective inventory management goes beyond what any software solution can provide. And doing so, it still need to implement effective inventory management processes and procedures in order to get the most from your inventory management solution. Thus, the 6 effective inventory management practices by Mr. Jon Schreibfeder is the key to be successful in your operation.

    Great blog and very interesting! Thanks!

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