The Most Important Factor in Choosing an ERP Solution (and How Microsoft Dynamics NAV Has it!)

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What do businesses consider the most important factor in choosing an ERP solution? According to a recent survey carried out on behalf of Concentrix TSG, it’s that the product’s features and functionality best fit an organisation's business requirements.

Choosing the right ERP software is all about good product fit. That’s why Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an extremely popular ERP solution. It’s a flexible and highly adaptable product. By working with a Microsoft Business Partner, Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be configured to meet just about any operational requirement of a small and medium sized business. There is also a wide variety of preconfigurations of the product available for specific industries, functions and verticals, a wide range of add-ons, and a strong base of developers and partners worldwide.

Modular Solution

Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s flexibility and ability to fit well with an organisation’s business requirements is not just in its ability to be configured. It’s a modular system, which means you can select a variety of modules to achieve the right functionality for each of your business areas. The product’s core modules are for accounting and finance, and others include manufacturing, project management, sales, marketing and HR. The modular nature of the product also makes it easy to add new or custom functionality as your business changes or grows.

Choice of Deployment Options

Concentrix TSG offers Microsoft Dynamics NAV as a cloud solution, as well as on-premise deployment. Whether you choose cloud or on-premise deployment depends on your business strategy and a variety of other factors, but the choice of deployment options is another feature of Microsoft Dynamics NAV that means it will be a good fit with the way your business runs.

Tailoring Microsoft Dynamics NAV

To deploy Microsoft Dynamics NAV you have to work with an accredited Microsoft Business Partner, such as Concentrix TSG. Your business partner will have experienced staff available at all stages of your ERP project lifecycle. They’ll be able to involve experts right from project definition and the early planning stages, through to  project execution, change management and training, to project review and on-going support. Because of their expertise and in-depth project involvement, they will be able to tailor Microsoft Dynamics NAV to meet the precise needs of your organisation.

Role Tailored Functionality

A key feature of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is its role tailored functionality. This means that the product is designed to fit around job roles and the way people actually work. In addition, users can also personalise a lot of their workspace and set it up as they like it, helping them work more efficiently and productively.

Rational Business Decision

Choosing an ERP system is a methodical and rational business decision, so it’s hardly surprising that good product fit came out top in the survey. What was slightly surprising however is by how much this answer was the clear leader in the survey: approximately 44% of respondents said a good fit of product features and functionality to their requirements was the main reason for choosing their ERP software. This was way ahead of other answers, which included responses on product architecture, price, vendor’s reputation, product vision and previous experience. None of these answers achieved more than 14% of responses. Only 6% of survey responders considered ‘advice from peers’ a key factor in choosing an ERP solution, making this the least popular response.

Survey Details

Answers to the survey question were multiple-choice; 11 options were provided. Responders could choose more than one option and could also provide additional information if they felt it was appropriate. The results were based on 103 survey responders consisting of senior finance, senior accounting, senior IT and senior management professionals. The question was one of several included in a larger survey commissioned by Concentrix TSG.

For independent advice about ERP software, or to find out how Microsoft Dynamics NAV (in the cloud or on-premise) can meet the ERP requirements of your organization, please contact Concentrix TSG.

By Concentrix TSG – independent UK ERP software specialists

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