Microsoft Dynamics Leads the Pack of ERP and CRM Vendors, Beating out SAP, Oracle, and

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Information Week reports, “The idea that Microsoft Dynamics needs to play catch-up with its bigger brethren is no longer on the table.” Microsoft Dynamics is leading the pack for ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CRM (customer relationship management) software offerings with its strong focus to fully support on-demand, on-premise, and hybrid deployments of Dynamics NAV, GP, CRM and AX.

Microsoft’s plan to offer choice to their customer base has proven to be the right approach. Not only do end users get the choice of how they deploy, each option is standardized, secure and dependable. While other software vendors are offering both on-premise and on-demand, there are a lot more limitations and more importantly, no concrete plans for the future.

Microsoft Dynamics has a defined roadmap in place for each of their ERP and CRM products so end-users can rest assured their technology needs are going to be met, now and ten years from now. Software investments shouldn’t be taken lightly. Especially coming out of the recession, companies need to be cognizant of their present demands as well as accurately forecast for future needs.

Also mentioned in the Information Week article, SAP does have good deployment in the cloud, however they do not offer the on-premise options that Microsoft Dynamics can. Microsoft Dynamics solutions can start on-premise and move to the cloud or start in the cloud and move to on-premise. This is a flexibility that other software vendors just cannot compete with at this time.

Microsoft’s partner channel is also helping to put them at the top of the list for ERP and CRM software vendors. BDO Solutions is and Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM partner out of Canada. We have implemented hundreds of Microsoft Dynamics solutions in many industries including Manufacturing, Distribution, Not for Profit, Government, Insurance, First Nations, Services, Utilities and Fuel Distribution. For more information on the deployment options with Microsoft Dynamics, contact us.

By Jim Krahn with BDO Solutions, Leading Canadian Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM Partner

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