Microsoft Dynamics GP and Excel Reporting Features

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One of the best reporting features of Microsoft Dynamics GP is the out of the box  Excel Reports which provide a refreshable data connection to your Dynamics GP data directly from Excel.  A lot of Microsoft Dynamics GP users don’t even know about these reports and they already own them!  Microsoft Dynamics GP users and non-GP users can see information such as open sales orders, master record lists (e.g. Vendors, Customers, Inventory Items), financial information in detail or summary, etc.  These reports are easy to install and can be deployed to a shared network location or to SharePoint. 

Microsoft Dynamics GP users are familiar with using Smartlists with Microsoft Dynamics GP and use the Smartlist reports extensively for exporting data to Excel.  But if users would like to view the spreadsheet at a later time, they need to export the Smartlist favorite to Excel again and again.  With the Microsoft Dynamics GP Excel Reports, a user can open an already existing Excel report, select refresh, and view up to the minute data without having to login to GP. 

Just think about how efficient your team will be when they can access these spreadsheets with Microsoft Dynamics GP data, anytime and without having to purchase another GP license.

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By Sherwood Systems – Arizona Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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