Microsoft Dynamics 67% Discount Offer Ends June 24th

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Buy One Microsoft Dynamics GP license and get up to TWO FREE offer is ending June 24, 2011.    Buying the Business Essentials Suite or Advanced Management Suite purchase equals a 67% discount!

This offer on such a great product is hard to pass up.  Even if you defer installing the software for a couple of months, purchasing now can save you big bucks. 

Reach out to your local partner to take advantage of this exceptional pricing.

Business Essentials includes accounting, tons of reporting and data mining tools and even distribution modules.   Advanced Management includes the list below PLUS additional financial and manufacturing modules.  Contact your reseller to determine which suite is best for your business.

Here is a complete list of Business Essentials Modules:

GENERAL LEDGER: Manage the heart of your business with intelligent accounting and analysis capabilities that sharply reduce time and effort for key tasks and deliver flexible, fast ways to track and analyze financial information.

ANALYTICAL ACCOUNTING: Classify, report, and analyze financial transactions based upon your specific business needs with wizard driven inquiries that integrate with Microsoft® Office Excel® and Microsoft Dynamics® GP SmartLists. Analyze transactions across your entire organization with smooth integration across modules in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

BANK RECONCILIATION: Manage all bank-related transactions through a single, automated process and ensure fast access and tight control for mission-critical financial information.

PAYABLES MANAGEMENT: Improve your control over expenses with up-to-the-minute payables information, comprehensive vendor management, and payment scheduling and tracking while automating routine and complex tasks.

RECEIVABLES MANAGEMENT: Maintain tight control over accounts receivable, manage sales made on accounts, and drive down overhead costs with integrated capabilities for tracking invoices, processing receipts, and analyzing customer activity.

FIXED ASSET MANAGEMENT: Improve financial control and put company assets to the best possible use with tools for tracking, analyzing, and manipulating fixed assets.

INTERCOMPANY: Efficiently set up, enter, and maintain relationships between companies so that revenues or expenses incurred in one company can be tracked as “due to” or “due from” amounts in other companies.

MULTICURRENCY MANAGEMENT: Take control of multinational operations and manage currency transactions smoothly and efficiently with flexible, powerful multicurrency capabilities.

ENCUMBRANCE MANAGEMENT: Not-for-profit, public sector or other organizations managing encumbrances can easily locate and track budget information, query current or historical encumbrances, and streamline period-end and year-end reporting processes.

SAFE PAY: Easily add Positive Pay functionality, including daily exporting of checks for comparison by the bank when checks are presented for payment.

REPORT WRITER: Modify existing or create new Microsoft Dynamics GP reports with an easy to use drag and drop design interface.

MICROSOFT MANAGEMENT REPORTER DESKTOP USER: Master your financial reporting process with comprehensive, highly customizable financial and management reports that are easy to create, distribute, and use

INVOICING: Improve invoicing efficiency with capabilities that include single-window entry for all vital information, batch processing, and easy return transaction processing.

SALES ORDER PROCESSING WITH ADVANCED INVOICING: Streamline and automate the entire sales ordering process to serve top customers more effectively, maintain tight control over fulfillment and invoicing, and minimize shipping and labor costs.

INVENTORY CONTROL: By controlling inventory effectively and setting prices on a customer-by-customer basis, you can reduce operating costs and achieve the fast, efficient fulfillment that keeps them coming back.

PURCHASE ORDER PROCESSING/RECEIVINGS: Manage vital commitments and build lasting vendor relationships with deep functionality that includes automated purchasing and approval processes, flexible extended pricing, and blanket purchase orders.

LANDED COST: Ensure start-to-finish accuracy with the ability to track and update the total cost associated with an inventory item—including freight, insurance, and duties—and then automatically assign or modify these costs on a purchase order as items are received.

CUSTOMIZATION SITE LICENSE: Deploy Modifier with Visual Basic for Applications solutions developed by a third party if you are not licensed for the Modifier module.

INTEGRATION MANAGER-CONVERSIONS: Migrate data from most common database formats or desktop applications into Microsoft Dynamics GP— a time-sensitive conversion tool to assist in a smooth transition from previous financial systems.

SECURITY MANAGEMENT: Manage roles-based user security quickly and effectively with powerful, easy-to-use tools that simplify configuration and management processes, yet provide high levels of protection for your system.


Description of a La Carte Modules Available for Additional Cost:

SMARTLIST BUILDER: Create customized SmartLists that enable you to quickly link Microsoft Dynamics GP, easily add new fields to SmartList windows, and analyze data according to the criteria you define.

CRYSTAL REPORTS PROFESSIONAL: Transform Microsoft Dynamics GP data into presentation-quality information with tools for building compelling, graphical views of business data. (Initial purchase includes 1 named user.)

MANAGEMENT REPORTER DRILLDOWN VIEWER: Review detailed reports while working online or offline, including the ability to drill down to transaction-level detail without accessing the general ledger or company network.

MANAGEMENT REPORTER REPORT DESIGNER USERS: Create, generate, and maintain boardroom-quality financial reports from your desktop, without the need to call on help from IT staff or a database professional.

MANAGEMENT REPORTER REPORT LAUNCHER: Select pre-existing reports, specify output options, and generate the reports you need, all on an on-demand basis, with the ability to drill down to transaction detail level while maintaining the original report design.

ENTERPRISE REPORTING: Automate reporting procedures unique to complex, distributed environments for complete control over consolidations, financial reporting, budgeting, and analysis.

MICROSOFT DYNAMICS CRM CONNECTOR FOR MICROSOFT DYNAMICS GP: Increase consistency and accuracy in billing and forecasting, streamline operational costs and processes by eliminating redundancies, and promote increased organizational efficiencies that deliver strategic business impact by synchronizing and integrating data within Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics GP.

PAYROLL: Automate payroll processing, equip staff to handle complex and changing payroll requirements, and offer better service to your employees while reducing necessary overhead costs.

ADVANCED PAYROLL: Extend Payroll capabilities with Pay Policy Manager, Labor Accrual Manager, Advanced Labor Reporting, and Payroll Hours to General Ledger functionality.

FEDERAL MAGNETIC MEDIA: Help maintain full compliance with government reporting requirements by generating Federal Magnetic Media files.

PAYROLL CONNECT: Automate data transfer from ADP/PC Payroll for Windows® into General Ledger, using a turnkey solution that eliminates the need to re-enter data.

PAYROLL DIRECT DEPOSIT: Add payroll funds to employees’ bank, savings and loan, or credit union accounts through an automated clearing house (ACH) file, with no limit on the number of accounts or financial institutions for any employee’s payroll.

HUMAN RESOURCES: Make fast, strategic decisions for attracting and retaining top talent, process payroll more efficiently, and offer employees better services and programs with customizable hiring processes, scheduling, pay rates, and performance evaluation tools.

ADVANCED HUMAN RESOURCES: Extend Payroll and Human Resources capabilities with Benefit Lifecycle Manager, Certification, License and Training Manager, and Employee Health and Wellness functionality.

BUSINESS PORTAL NAMED EMPLOYEE USER/CUSTOMER USERS: Streamline full user access by providing secure browser-based access to Microsoft Dynamics GP data to employees and customers.

INTEGRATION MANAGER-DISTRIBUTION (POP, SOP, INV): Integrate data from other systems on a onetime or continuous basis into Microsoft Dynamics GP Purchase Order Processing, Sales Order Processing, and Inventory modules—strong security and data integrity checks, as well as scheduling and customized data processing, provide a dependable, efficient, and easy to use data integration experience.

INTEGRATION MANAGER-FINANCIALS (GL, RM, PM, FA, BR, PAYROLL, PROJECT): Integrate data from other systems on a onetime or continuous basis into Microsoft Dynamics GP Financial, Payroll, and Project modules—strong security and data integrity checks, as well as scheduling and customized data processing, provide a dependable, efficient, and easy to use integration experience.

EXTENDER: Personalize your data collection by linking additional windows that are easily created by non-developers, expand notes and macros, and launch ad hoc queries that are based on the new business information you are able to collect.

By Nancy Phillippi with Custom Information Services (CIS), Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner based out of North Texas.  Your feedback and comments are welcome.  Contact Nancy at or by phone at 817-640-0016 x 109.

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